• goodguyinsports

    For all the criticism he has taken, I will miss the guy. I also miss the pre-cap era!

  • This is one of the saddest days in NYR history. I may never fully recover.

  • I’m gonna miss him!!! BIG TIME!!!!!

    • He was a warrior to the end for the Rangers

      • Mike O,
        Seems we agree on many Ranger philosophies. I’m really curious— what were/are your views on both the DelGotto and McIlrath deals?
        I believe they were both bad deals- for different reasons, but both bad deals.

  • marybardo65@yahoo.com

    Good luck Dan …you are the best

  • Goodguyinsports,
    Words to live by: As soon as the “suits” (the damned corporate wonks) get involved in anything, you can expect it to go downhill—-FAST!!!!
    EVERYTHING they touch is filtered by one paradigm—- How can we suck more money out of it!
    THEN they wonder why they can’t fill the stands!

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