Rangers Rumor Roundup: Assessing the Derek Stepan trade buzz

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Hello All! @NHLRumorsDaily here with my first of what I hope to be many posts on FullTiltNYR. With the impending trade freeze almost upon us and many more rumors to come over the next few weeks, we start by looking at the most recently developing of all NYR rumors.

When the Rangers were eliminated in 5 games by the Penguins in the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs, the discussion immediatly turned to blowing up the Rangers “core”. One of the many NYR forwards rumored to be on the move then was center Derek Stepan and not shockingly his name has been prominent now.


If you haven’t been glued to Twitter over the past 72 hours unlike myself, TSN’s hockey insider and Twitter legend Bob McKenzie lit the fuse to what has been one of the hottest rumors around the hockey-sphere over the past day or so.

Hearing this should come as no shock to NYR fans who have been intently following the direction of the team since last season. The Rangers, who have been looking to get younger, are shopping the 26 year old center for help on the back end, in the form of a young, top pair defenseman as per the NYPost’s Larry Brooks.

Although rampant speculation began from some Montreal and Rangers fans regarding a Alex Galchenyuk for Stepan swap, a trade of that nature wouldn’t make much sense for either team. For a short period of time, little was known about any teams interested in Stepan till once again, Bob McKenzie tweeted out this gem late last night.

Stepan to the Yotes?

Arizona would be an interesting trade partner considering they hold what the NYR have been reported to covet… a young, top pair, stud defenseman by the name of Oliver Ekman-Larsson. As this post is being written, there are no verified rumors pertaining to who the NYR are interested in return for Stepan, but one can conclude that OEL would be a player that GM Jeff Gorton would show interest in. However, a majority of hockey insiders have stated that OEL is not being traded.

Another player to watch from Arizona would be prospect Christian Dvorak, a 21 year old, 6’0″ center who just completed his first NHL season, putting up 33 points in 78 games this year.

Right now, information has been hard to come by due to the ambiguity of the expansion draft, but in between Rumor Roundups, if you do have a Twitter, you can find the latest NYR rumors by following myself, @NHLRumorsDaily, as well as any one of the great members of FullTiltNYR!

Once again, I am looking forward to keeping you all updated on the latest news throughout the offseason, but until then, Cheers!

Editor’s Note: We look forward to rumor season as much as anyone, but remember that rumors all called rumors for a reason. As far as Stepan goes, the consensus here at FullTiltNYR is that Stepan will be moved before his NMC kicks in July 1st.



  • There talk of Domi and Duke for steph ..

    • From where? Can’t see the Rangers trading for a player who was dealt bc they didn’t like his attitude during his brief time here and can’t see Arizona dealing Domi for Step either.

      • I think that may have been Sather more than anything; but will see. I think after being sent to Arizona for 2 years that may be the proper attitude adjustment needed!!! 🙂

        • He couldn’t have been any worse than he was this last season. He had a whooping 15 points with 5 goals and was sent down to the minors!

  • I can’t see the Rangers trading Step for offense. I don’t know who they’re gonna go after but I would think it’s a D man that can really make an impact. Otherwise I don’t see them trading Stepan at all. I realize he has a NTC kick in this year but he’s only 26 and even though he struggled a bit this year he’s still gonna get you 50+ points every year and be dependable defensively. I’ll miss him if he goes but if he does go I hope it’s cause we’re getting a real good D man that can play here for years to come.

  • C’mon guys. First off is a Dman the ONLY thing we need??? How about a number 1 Center………which Stepan IS NOT. #2 Center at best. After this year, a #3.

  • Well if Stepan isn’t a number 1 center how are we supposed to trade him to get back a number 1? I don’t think the rangers are looking to package together too much to go after a forward when we were one of the top teams in scoring and our D stinks. I would love to have a better center too but there’s more needed things right now

  • The deal needs to be Winnipeg! Raanta, Stepan for Trouba and a second rnd pick. There is not going to be a #1 center viable so it will come from within. Need that big RH shot form the D.

    • I wouldn’t mind that myself but I doubt we get a 2nd round pick thrown in. Good young D men are valuable and we might not be able to trade Stepan for Trouba and leave Raanta for a 2nd round pick. I’m not even so sure Raanta gets us a 2rd pick. Talbot brought back a 3rd round I believe. They could ask for both guys just for Trouba.

  • To me Steph is now a Walt Tkaczuk type of center .He not a # 1 and his number show production of a number three center. His contract is that of a #2 -#1 center. How manny game last season did he play like a 1or 2. ??? His game dose not match the money .

    • Now Step produces like a 3rd line center? Do know he had 3 less points than Jonathan Toews, Claude Giroux and Sean Monahan Who has better talent on their wings, Toews or Step? Is Toews a 3 line producing center as well? Nathan McKinnon who is one of the biggest targets this off season had less points than Stepan also.

  • I’m glad someone pointed that out. I’m so tired of defending Stepan. I don’t get why so many fans don’t want him. I know he’s not flashy but he’s numbers are better the. So many other centers and fans just don’t see it I guess. Good job man. I say if we can’t get something real good to help us then keep him

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