Return of the Softshirts! Will Jeff Gorton DO ANYTHING about it?

Softshirts (Getty)

Two games in a row where the Rangers were outmuscled and abused. Two games in a row where over the course of the game they were physically worn down and abused. Two games in a row where the result was a loss…against division rivals.

I added a video below if you care to watch that explains why being physical matters. It is an epic rant (where I certainly add some of my comedic side to it), that will certainly upset the corsi crowd.

Hey! I’m not alone in this thinking either. Larry Brooks has been writing about it in the NY POST all season. And he, just like me gets ridiculed by the same people. Here’s what he wrote today.

Still, if there’s a shift-disturber available for a reasonable price, it is incumbent upon the general manager to go out and get him. For one after another, the Blue Jackets and Caps each pounded and heaped physical abuse on a Rangers team that, for all good intentions, just isn’t equipped to play that game. – NYPOST

So today is trade deadline day. If Jeff Gorton doesn’t want to watch this team bowled over in the first round this season…he needs to address this GLARING DEFICIENCY!

Go out and add someone who can skate and throw the body. Go out and get some grit for this vanilla lineup. Go out and change the dynamic of the softest team in the NHL today.



  • We had one. He played the right side D.
    He stuck up for his team mates and was better than some of the right side D-men we dressed all year.
    Oh and by the way, he was dressed for the ONLY win we had last postseason. I’m not saying we won that game because of him, but I am saying he CERTAINLY didn’t contribute to the 4 losses!

    • Are you kidding me? Are we back to the ridiculous Dylan McIlrath arguement again?!?! People need to realize he is not an everyday NHL dman!!!!! Jerry how many games do you think he’s played since he was traded to Florida? A whooping 5 games. Can we STOP with Dylan McIlrath and just come to grips that he was a collassal 1st round bust!

  • Tony I agree this team needs more jam in their lineup. It’s pathetic that Jesper Fast is second behind Chris Kreider, who is the only forward with at least 100, in hits this season for the Rangers.To put things in prospective, Derick Brassard has more hits than JT Miller, that’s downright embarrassing! Steve Ott would have fit that bill was just picked up by Montreal last night for a 6th rounder. He is also a good face off guy who would have helped in that regards too. From what I’ve read about Brendan Smith, haven’t seen to many Redwings games, he does take the body, moves bodies from in front of the net and plays with an edge. I don’t believe the Rangers are done by all means but with the asking prices are some of these players available it could be a tough day for Jeff Gorton.

  • Your rant is spot the f on! Just like a high inside fastball matters, big hits keeps their heads up and forces bad passes Unfortunately this game represents the society of political correctness where big clean hits are already being frowned upon….buttman who will/ has destroyed the league is a big reason. This league will become icecapades with sticks and w/in 2 or 3 yrs will become unwatchable for me. By by hockey a sport I fell in love with in 1980 in lake placid

  • Your rant is right on the money. Wilson was running around all game taking liberties and hitting every Ranger in sight and we had no answer we need fourth line grit and dmen that can move bodies in front of net. The question is would A.V. allow a player in the lineup to play that type of game. We lost a few players that returned after getting crushed (Fast was the only one that didn’t come back) why did the team stand around watching Clendo being pummeled? No grit or sandpaper on this team. There might be some players in Hartford. We need to bring up someone to replace Fast and someone other than Buch that can run around hitting people (not Glass)

  • They have alot of talent up front but they are as stiff as a wet noodle when it comes to toughness. Maybe they wouldnt need one if Kreider used his size and played like Zucc. I dont want to see a roster spot wasted on a guy whos only purpose is being tough.

    I want a guy who can play top 6, that has grit another Wayne Simmonds. I want someone that in a 7 game series that can wear down the other teams top defense from finishing his checks, that has enough skill to play with out the grit factor but the grit factor adds to his effectiveness.

    • I agree with you we have some big guys that won’t play physical Kreider, Nash, Hayes & Miller. The answer to that is we have a soft coach that won’t send his players out to be physical with other teams defense. Skjei is also a big player that won’t use his size to clear the front of net. The problem is A.V. not his players.

      • David,

        I disagree that it is on AV. Zuc plays with the same ball of hate that he played with under Torts (even though he didnt play alot under him). AV would play Glass who brings nothing more than sandpaper. Nash has never been a physical player. Kreider not as bad but similar to Brian Boyle does not utilize his size to his full advantage. With Kreiders speed and size he should be a wrecking ball on the forecheck.

      • I’m seeing a lot of fans blame th no toughness on AV. If he didn’t allow guys to play phyical we wouldn’t have seen Glass out there for 2 years when everyone and their brother couldn’t wait to see him gone. If I guy is a physical player he will that way. The game has been changing each year more n more to speed n skill. However I do totally agree we need a few guys like Wayne zsimmonds that go to the net and battle their ass off and will drop the gloves if need be. But you gotta have that guy on your roster. But if AV doesn’t have him what’s he gonna do. It doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be telling his guys “get to the dam net already. We have a perfect guy that could fill that roll but he only feels like doing it once in a while. I’m sure you all know who that guy is. Hint, he wears number 20

    • A power forward like Wayne Simmonds huh? Have you watched Chris Kreider this year? Or do you just go by what others say in this site? Kreider has 4 less goals and 2 less points than Simmonds even though he has played less games than Simmonds. Kreider’s numbers are almost identical to Simmonds, in fact Kreider is averaging .2 less hits than Simmonds.

      Explain to me how a player who has played 7 less games leads this team in hits and is near the top in goals and points is the issue? People saying that he’s soft, explain to me how in 7 less games he has 23 more hits than Miller? Kreider has done everything that fans have ever asked of him and STILL can’t get any love. In his short career he has the 9th most playoff goals in a team with 90 year history. There are plenty of players who deserve as much criticism before you reach Kreider.

      • Mike,

        I find the comment about do I even watch them play extremely funny. Unlike most of the fan base thats are sheep, I actually form my own opinion.

        At no point did I call out Kreiders production, I called out the fact that at his size and skating ability he should be eliminating guys in the corner. He may hit guys but he doesnt finish his checks big difference. How many dirty hits on a NYR has Kreider come in and sent a message thats not gonna happen on my watch? Once, waited for the second period, down by atleast 3 at that point to send a message to Cody Eakin, for taking out Hank last time he played. That should have been done on Eakins first shift of that game. Thats as many as Sidney Crosby, who went after Mcdonagh for a hit on Connor Sheary (I believe that was the player may have been a different one though). Simple question does Kreider play with as much sandpaper, as Zucc whos half his size? If you says yes your lying to yourself.

        I know its tough to hear when someone calls out a golden boy and doesnt stick to the Girardi sucks dont belong in the league (which is wrong), hes overpaid yes, not a first pair guy anymore similar to when Roszival was here, but not beling in league because of “Advanced Stats”. Or that AV doesnt treat kids and vets the same, so hes a bad coach.

        • Kris,

          You are correct Mike is always throwing out stats. Kreider and the other big players Hayes, Miller, Nash should be throwing some big hits on the other teams dmen and creating turnovers that lead to more scoring chances in last two games against Jackets and Caps therewere way too little and yes i blame A.V. for the way this team plays soft. This is now pre-playoff hockey and there needs to be more grit to the game from here on thru rest of regular season.

          • David,

            My point was I never brought up Kreiders stats, its playing with hate that he doesnt do and I want someone that does that. He fits the mold best for this team. Its not Kreider stinks or id rather have Simmonds over Kreider. Its I want a top 6 guy that plays with fire, to make this team not as soft as they are.

            I dont want a Matt Martin to do that, I want a top 6 player with size (so not Zuc) to do that, Kreider would be the most logical choice for that. Its not just hits but big hits that really wears the opposition down in 7 game series. Finish checks the way Ovi does with a head of steam. The attitude of you take a dirty run at my line mate,you answer to me, right now, not your goon will get punched in my face by my goon to say dont do that again. You take a run at Giroux or Ghost, Simmonds answers. Kreider needs to be a bully on the ice, bring the hate that Avery brought without the anticts.

            You point to AV but I dont have one example that proves its AVs fault. Did AV tell Cally to not finish his checks or Glass no. AV didnt not play Mcilrath cause he did those things, he didnt play him cause hes not good. Our talented players have skill but dont play with grit cause thats not their mind set, even if the ones that do have size.

          • Dave people bring up stats to show points, no pun intended. You keep bringing up Hayes and Nash’s name, here’s a news flash…….. they are and we’re never power forwards. They are more finesse players and aren’t going to go around and hit people. People have to bring up stats when people on this site say McIlrath should have been a top 4 dman or that Oscar Lindberg should be our number 1 center.

            Fans screamed after getting our doors blown off in last years playoffs to be a more skilled and speed team. Now many of those same fans want to ditch speed and skill for toughness. The Flyers have one of the toughest teams in the league, how many playoff games have the played in the last few years? Dave the AV arguement is not a logical one and almost as illogical as saying you rather have Gerald Gallant as the Rangers head coach.

        • Since when is Chris Kreider a golden boy? He has been a whipping boy since his 1st season on this team. You say he doesn’t use his body or stick up for his teammates? Go what him destroy Scotty Upshall who slashed Step at the end of a shift. Go watch him steamroll Jonas Bronin which resulted in him getting a game misconduct. Go watch him pick a fight with Zach Smith who hit Step in Ottawa. To ask Kreider to hit dirty makes zero sense, why have him be subjected to suspensions? He plays hard, is usually one of the strongest men on the ice and plays that way. He hits on the forecheck and plants his big body in front of the net. You criticized his timing of fighting Eakins, Eakins and Kreider weren’t matched up that night on the ice often and HE DID drop the gloves with him. This fan base criticizes him when he runs people for taking stupid penalties. Like I said there are plenty of other on this team he do not take the body as frequent as Kreider who aren’t held accountable for some reason.

      • After I made my comment about Kreider I see one saying about his stats on hits and so on. I’m not saying he don’t hit. He does, but he’s not consistent enough with it and he doesn’t go out and send much of a message to other teams. Once in a while he may go overboard though. But for the most part I don’t see him finish his checks the way he should or could. I like Kreider too. I just think he could do so.much more with what he has. If he had the heart of Zucc he would be unstoppable. I feel like he goes hard for a while n has some goals under his belt and just when fans say “he’s finally giving us the full package” he lets off the gas pedal. With all that said he’s still a hell of a player but I think he could be even better.

        • Let’s get the record straight, I never said YOU were the one saying Kreider doesn’t hit or that you want Wayne Simmonds. My remark was in direct reply to jpcar7 who made that statement. I brought up how Kreider’s stats are almost identical to Simmonds which is why I asked if HE watched Kreider play.

          Another thing show me where i said Girardi stinks, I actually have stood up for his warrior like career which apparently most fans have either forgotten or just chose to disregard. I have backed AV since his hiring and am a fan of how he coaches this team. Yes every coach will make decisions that make you scratch your head. I’ve asked repeatedly to those who want AV to be fired and other than one who said Gerald Gallant nobody can come up with a better coach who was available. His he the best in the league, no but there aren’t too many coaches who can hold their resume to his.

  • Rangers have become Vancouver East. Simple as that !

  • I think there’s a misunderstanding cause I made both comments at the same time and I never thought you or anyone else were arguing my point cause this is the first reply I’m even getting. Like I said there’s probably a mix up or something. I wasn’t really talking about any one particular comment here anyway. I’ve been seeing fans all over say a lot of the things I was talking about
    As a matter of fact it looks like I agree with your points anyway.

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