Jeff Gorton does nothing at the DUDline

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Jeff Gorton gets a BIG FAT F today as the Rangers GM. After being exposed again as an overall soft team last night, Gorton was unable to make a deal of any kind to address it. Players like Brian Boyle, Steve Ott, and Dwight King were traded away for nothing.

Anyone of those three players would’ve given the Rangers some much needed size and sandpaper on their 4th line. It would have broken up the monotony of rolling 4 similar lines that play the same way, with the only variant being how skilled each line is from most to least.

The Rangers can be way to easy to play against and Gorton DID NOTHING to address it.

I mean, I didn’t really want Ott but Brian Boyle would’ve been a big addition to this team for the playoffs. You mean to tell me Gorton couldn’t spare the equivalent of Bryon Froese and a second round pick? Or a 4th rounder for Dwight King?

Instead Montreal added Ott and King to ensure they would be much harder to play against when the playoffs start. Toronto added leadership and size to a team that has loads of skill with Boyle. They both became harder to play against now.

Thomas Vanek who is a PP specialist was acquired by Florida for a 3rd rounder and Dylan McIlrath! You mean to tell me that Gorton couldn’t take a flyer on Vanek for the post season? It wasn’t that steep a price.

These misses are all compounded now that we’ve learned Jesper Fast will miss time with a separated shoulder and Michael Grabner was hurt at practice. The extent of Grabner’s hip injury isn’t fully known yet and he may miss tomorrow’s game against Boston. Should he miss more….oh boy!

Did Jeff Gorton do anything to improve the Rangers chances this season?

Listen, I like the addition of Brendan Smith. I think he’s an upgrade to our current top 4 on defense, but he isn’t going to help the PP. Matter of fact, his acquisition will certainly mean the end of Adam Clendening in the lineup once Dan Girardi returns in 2 weeks. Heck, if Klein is ready to play it could force Clendening out sooner.

The Rangers had the big fish on the hook and they didn’t reel him in. Instead, Kevin Shattenkirk was dealt to the Washington Capitals for 2 prospects and picks, including their 2017 1st rounder.

Now, I’m happy the Rangers opted to keep their pick but if that was the reason why this deal didn’t happen then BIG MISTAKE. This upcoming draft isn’t anything fawn over. The rumor, and I stress rumor is that St. Louis wanted Pavel Buchnevich. If that’s true, then great…way to go Gorton. However, if the issue was not parting with a first round pick, and a player like Robin Kovacs or Sean Day…then Gorton blew it!

Everyone keeps yapping how Henrik Lundqvist‘s window to win is closing and you let the Capitals land Shattenkirk? I’m having a real hard time swallowing this one, especially with how abysmal the Rangers PP is. The Caps were going to be tough before and now it appears near impossible.

The bottom line is this…if you are looking at this deadline as a let’s wait until next year, then you could give Gorton a B. If you believe that this Rangers team was missing a player like Shattenkirk and some size/grit on the 4th line to be a real contender this post season…well there’s no way around it…Jeff Gorton FAILED.

P.S. I want to be wrong.


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  • Totally disagree…look at there record…and we have a shot at getting Shattenkirk for nothing in the summer…I still think we can make a lot of noise in the playoffs…

    • Mike I couldn’t agree with no any more. This team has scoring depth up and down the lineup, hopefully Smith solidifies the defensive corps and we still have Lundqvist in net. Was Gorton suppose to give St Louis the rumored package of Buch and Skjei just to get an overpriced dman who would destroy the young core and cap situation? Standing pat is sometimes the best advice. Slats was killed for gutting the future by the same people who say Gorton did t to anything.

    • This team isn’t going anywhere. We can’t compete with wash., pitt. Or columbus. We don’t have the muscle or the game breaker. Our goalie is not what he one was and our d is a mess. The team as a whole is fragile with confidence and heart. At the end of the day we are not suited for a deep run. At best maybe a second round appearance.

      • Can’t compete w Washington? In 3 games the Rangers are 2-1. Columbus? In 5 games 2-3. Pittsburgh? In 3 games 1-2. They are right there with those teams, which is why they are only 2 points behind the Jackets and Pens.

        • And the common denominator in all those defeats?? Defense hanging Hank out to dry.. It’s been the MO of Staal and Girardi the last 4 seasons… Slat’s with his outrageous trades, and his bloated contracts to the 2 numbnuts mentioned above, and to an AT BEST 3rd line Center in Stepan, killed Gorton’s chances to do anything significant today..

  • Tony, to say Brian Boyle was traded for nothing is flat wrong. A 2nd round pick and a prospect for a 4th line center is an astronomical price. The Rangers didn’t have a 2nd rd to deal this year because of the terrible Eric Staal deal last year. In fact didn’t you say just the other day that the prices were way to high for the players getting dealt? We have ZERO idea what Gorton did today and prob never will since most gms do not talk about trades they couldn’t or didn’t make. He did strengthen the defense by getting a solid dman known for using his body which is something the Rangers desperately need. The same people who say he deserves an F werent paying attention to what teams were getting for bottom six forwards. I highly doubt that Gorton sat around doing nothing all day. And maybe just maybe he and AV plus the rest of the staff believe this team is capable of going on a long run in the playoffs and didn’t want to disrupt the chemistry of the locker room. Let’s not forget this team sits with the record in hockey.

    • Tony, Montreal’s biggest need was scoring. What did they do to address their need? Is King and Ott the answer? No! What’s really funny is the pundits in Montreal are criticizing the Habs for not addressing their scoring.

    • I addressed what Tor gave up and I believe it was next to nothing. A career AHLer and a 2nd RD pick

      • You are right you did:

        “Several trades have been made since late yesterday and if we are to take away anything from them it is this:


        And let’s not forget

        “And if that wasn’t shocking enough…who knew Brian Boyle could fetch so much.”

        But today Gorton is a bum and the Boyle deal was just a career ahl’er and a measy 2nd round pick.

        You might be frustrated but I for one and I would go out on the ledge and say most Ranger fans are happy he didn’t pay these ridiculous prices for 3rd and 4th line players.

  • We’ve been spoiled by the rangers making some big splash the past few years. I actually liked what Gorton did. We have the depth upfront and adding smith gives us a little depth on the back end.

    Sure, I would of loved it if the rangers moved Klein, staal, or girardi but I feel that this June will be insane for trades.

    • Staal and Girardi CANNOT be moved until after the season, when their no-movement clauses expire.. I think Klein’s been hurt all season and hasn’t said anything until now.. If you watch games from this yr and last Klein’s not skating as smooth and freely as he did last season, and that all comes down to his back.. . But Staal and Girardi have been their normal piss poor selves all season long. And Sather is the reason why they can’t be moved.. That moron has screwed this team with his pathetic trades, and insane contracts for the next 3-4 years.. Let’s bring in 1 guy, but let’s give away 2 prospects and 2 draft picks per trade.. In the process, I will give you home grown guys top line $$$$ when none of you produce on either end.. You can add Stepan to that bloated contract crap..

  • Really?

    Trading for Vanek: sure it would be cheap but he doesn’t have a spot. It would just mean that either Vesey or Fast or Buchnevich have a permanent spot on the bench.

    Trading for Ott and King: neither of these guys are good at one important thing, playing hockey. King is not a good scorer and Ott is even worse. Plus Ott’s corsi is awful. King has a solid corsi but I think it’s a product of the team he is on, not himself. If the Rangers face the Canadiens in the playoffs, they’ll be skating circles around a fourth line with King and Ott on it. Sure, they might knock Kevin Hayes to the ice but it’ll be after chasing the puck in their own zone for 45 seconds.

    Toughness isn’t the answer. We didn’t lose to the Caps or Blue Jackets because they’re more physical. They played better, the Caps are far more skilled, and the Rangers played like crap. Ott and King would do nothing to win either of those games.

    On Shattenkirk: I want to see him here as much as you do. But honestly, it’s not worth trading away assets and draft picks for someone who is almost definitely coming here in July. Smith will help as long as AV properly utilizes and deploys his defenseman. Patiently waiting and not giving away someone like Buchnevich or another first was the right call.

    Far from an F rating. You’re better than this Anthony. At least I think you are

    • Vanek? PUHLEEZE! John I agree, to have Buch, Vesey or Fast sit for him is criminal. He is such a goo power play guy the Red Wings were dead last with him out there.

      I do think you are knocking King a bit. He is a solid player who can provide goals on the 4th line. Ott is primarily a face off guy who can kill penalties.

      I think Gorton saw the prices of the players available and saw that they wouldn’t have improved this team any bit. I liked the fact he didn’t make a move just to make a move. We won’t know how it plays out until it does but I’m happy he did t mortgage the teams future any worse than had been done the last few seasons. Other than Marty St Louis & the trades in 94, the Rangers have had little to no success with tradeline acquisitions.

  • Completely disagree!!! No need for vanek. Montreal did not need to get bigger they needed more scoring. Big mistake. Rangers would have had to trade buchnevich first and second. Way too much for a rental. Gorton did well standing pat and just adding smith.

  • Not to burst everyone’s bubble here, but I never thought the rangers would be a serious threat for the cup this year. With that said I do give him an F but not because ofor shattenkirk. I give him an F because grabner should have been traded. Bringing in smith was smart, but were other options to improve the defense or ruggedness of this team explored? We will never know. Just thought some other options could have made this team better even without shattenkirk.

    • TRADE GRABNER?? Are you out of your mind?? Yeah lets trade their top goal scorer for a defenseman.. If ANYBODY should have been traded, it was Stepan and his bloated contract..

  • Hey Scultore, you know where this team needs the MOST help?? BLUELINE jackass!!!! But let’s give up scoring by bringing in guys like Ott and Boyle who can’t score, but will beat someone up instead.. Great train of thought you moron..

    • Yes….and I believe I was strongly advocating for the Rangers to get Shattenkirk. And what OFFENSE was I giving up by asking for ONE player with size and grit on the 4th line. But thanks for reading!

  • Plain and simple. It’s refreshing for a Ranger GM to finally look at the big picture and NOT give away assets and/or draft picks when there is no way we are getting out of the east.
    Gorton A-, and from me a huge Thank You Jeff!

  • I agree with Anthony we should have picked up a big winger with some offensive upside to play fourth line (like King) with Fast out (he doesn’t have the size but grinds it out) The 4th line with Lindberg now needs some grinders (prefer big bodies) There has to be 2 players like that in AHL.

  • Time to bring in Nieves & Hrvik to play 4th line

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