Did I really predict a Rangers 5-2 win after Boston scored? Yes I did.

Vesey scores again (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Vesey scores again (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

I had barely gotten comfortable on the couch when David Pastrnak slipped by Nick “Hold-On For Dear Life” for a goal 10 seconds in. While most Rangers fans were upset, I literally laughed and joked, “we got ’em where we want ’em.”

Matter of fact, I was so confident that I sent this tweet out.

Yes…that is an embedded tweet with a legit time stamp.

Luck or Sorcery?

Actually, the only thing lucky about it was the final score. Not the intent and true conviction of the tweet. Here’s why…The Rangers for some inexplicable reason are getting caught flat footed to start games and also been a bit unlucky to boot. Both Washington and Arizona scored their opening markers off deflections which could’ve easily hit Lundqvist instead of the twine.

In truth, the prediction was made with the knowledge that the Rangers were the better team, rested, playing against the 4th penalized team in the league, with a mediocre PK, at home, against a 19 year goalie making his NHL debut.

It’s not really rocket science and you don’t need graphs or spreadsheets to figure it out. 30 years of watching NHL hockey and gut instincts will usually win every time. Ergo, why professional hockey scouts still remain the number one source for finding talent.

Just so you don’t think I racked my brain this morning to prove my tweet’s validity, here’s my exchange during the 3rd period with former NYR Blog creator, Kevin Delury.

The Kudos Tweets Were Pretty Epic

I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed the tweets offering praise. I even reveled in it a little. Here are some of the best ones.

Thanks for the love.

Snap Shots

Brandon Pirri has been on fire and his shot from the right circle should make him a permanent fixture in the lineup. We wrote about his prowess here today. Not only does he have a great shot, but he gets to the net too.

Josh Jooris is out long term with a separated shoulder. This should force Chris Kreider or Pavel Buchnevich back in the lineup. Both are dealing with minor injuries.

When Kreider and Buchnevich are both healthy who sits? I speculated that it would unjustly be Pirri but there is no way I can see AV doing that now. A trade may be imminent to improve the defense, and a forward could be part of a that deal to make it happen.

Jimmy Vesey has 5 points in his last 5 games and is the real deal. There is just nothing left to say.

On a side note, Rick Nash has reemerged as a force for the Rangers and should be given max credit for standing in front and using his deft hands to score the opening Rangers goal on the PP.

Here is Nash connecting with Vesey on the game burying goal.



  • Holden proved last night he is not the guy that should get playing time, put either Clendening or McIlrath in the lineup. Can either of them be a worse option? Holden goes to the middle ten seconds in and leaves his man wide opened to come in on the King. I find it hard to believe that he played a full season in Colorado. Roy fed the Rangers a line of shit promoting this guy. Jooris is going to be a tough loss but they need to keep the trying other options on defense. BTW the Rangers beat a goalie that hasn’t played in the NHL and obviously not ready yet.

  • I respect your 30+ years as a fan, but my 60+ years as a fan SHUDDERS whenever the Rangers face a rookie goalie! Not sure if statistics bear me out, but it seems they lose more than win against a goalie making his first start in the NHL!!

  • the coach read them the riot act after the first period and they came out playing rangers hockey

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