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Opening Faceoff: Rangers vs Islanders 10/19/17


After a demoralizing loss to the Penguins on Tuesday night, the Rangers will look to bounce back against the Islanders. The Rangers enter play tonight with the worst record in the East, 1-5-1, while the Isles sit just outside the top eight at 2-3-1. The Barclays Center residents are coming back from a California trip that saw them go 1-2. The Islanders are a fast team with a lot of young talent, and the Rangers will have their work cut out for them in this one.

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Let’s Play The Blame Game

USA Today

There is something deeply engrained within the sports fan. Past passion, past excitement, past memories, past the ability to get oh so high from a trade that seems to go in your favor, right where irrationality meets frustration lays that dirty ugly five letter word, blame. The Rangers lose: polls run, who’s to blame? Beat writers search for the scapegoat, irrational fans go to their old favorites “That was definitely Girardi’s fault on defense and Stepan never put home that puck on the goal line.” But wait, it’s 2017. Those names are long gone, but still, the instinct is to blame and blame who or what’s comfortable.

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Alain Vigneault Doesn’t Know What To Do

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With this team in the midst of its’ worst start since 1980, Alain Vigneault is trying to find the combinations that will put his team in the best position to succeed. While the players deserve some of the blame for the Rangers’ 1-5 record, AV hasn’t exactly been aces either. Personally, I like giving coaches the benefit of the doubt, especially given the Rangers general success over the last few years under Vigneault. But the way this season has started, with the general ineptitude at times of his team and some of his decisions, it may be time for the 56-year-old head coach to be relieved of his duties. And we see a clear manifestation of this in his practice lines from today’s tune-up ahead of the Rangers matchup with the 3-2 Penguins tomorrow night.

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