New York Rangers: Holden On The Move?

Today, New York Rangers signed defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk to a 4 year deal. This move was a long time coming, it’s a major upgrade for the Rangers blueline, as well as the power play. With Ranger’s buying out recently signed Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Dan Girardi, and possibility of Kevin Klein retiring. They still have some extras on the blueline this upcoming season, so you may see a trade over the next few days.

Current Rangers Roster

Ryan McDonagh

Kevin Shattenkirk

Brady Skjei

Branden Smith

Anthony DeAngelo

Marc Staal

Nick Holden

Steve Kampfer

Kevin Klein (Larry Brooks reported his retirement announcement is any day now)

This shows Rangers have a over abundance of blueliners on the roster. I have to imagine with the way Gorton was so high on Anthony DeAngelo he will want to give him a shot, next season. There are currently 9 players on D, who will be the odd man out? It could be Nick Holden, there was chatter earlier in the week, that if NYR acquired Shattenkirk, that Holden may be moved. Well with the Shattenkirk signing and 9 players on the roster, they will have to do something to shred a contract on D.

They’re still in the market for a depth center, if they don’t find it from the slim pickings in Free Agency, could they package Nick Holden for a center? There is still a possibility, Rangers can sign a center like Patrick Marleau, but with Thornton resigning in San Jose, you could very well see him follow suit. It may be easier to move Holden knowing you have DeAngelo, as well as a few prospects who are very close to making it to the big club. With players like Graves, Day, Bereglazov, Pionk, and a few others in the system you have to believe Gorton will try to move at least one or two of the blueliners on the Rangers roster.





  • It’s too bad that Holden had such a tough time defending cause he actually had good offensive numbers. But hopefully those offensive numbers will make him tradable. I’m still wondering what we’re doing for a center or two. I’m not comfortable with Hayes on the 2nd line. We’re not even sure how Zibanejad will do on the top line. I also thought that with Zibanejad knowing the situation with the center position I hope he doesn’t try asking for the moon. I’m glad if we had to get Shattenkirk that Gorton stuck to 4 years and I must admit Shattenkirk really showed he wants to be a Ranger. He left a ton of cash on the table.

    • jp,

      I agree the hole in the middle is still a problem, Id be suprised if they dont move someone for a center, I dont know if they would be looking for someone better then Zib, someone better then Hayes, or is it a third line center. Personally, I feel Gorton is posturing with making the comment that moving Miller to center is an option because hes a natural center. If they wanted to use Miller as a center why wouldnt they have moved Brass for a dman, instead of another center.

  • Due to the very slim pickings now on center I would assume MIller is being moved to center and id look for another winger and a 4th line center since boyle went to crappy devils!! Unless Gordon decides to swing one or 2 of our youngsters and maybe throw in Hayes for Duchene because I dont like having Hayes as a #2 center and I dont think he deserves those minutes. If anything Id bring up one of the kids we picked up in the draft as a 4th line center and see how well he plays.

    • With what I see the Isles have offered for Duchene only to be turned down I highly doubt Joe Sakic would take a few prospects and Hayes. Sakic has been holding out and asking ridiculous prices. I think Duchene is getting more praise then he deserves. Sakic is acting as if he’s got a 50 goal scorer on his hands

  • Not a terrible day for the NYR’s however they let Gagne slip to Edmonton and at a AVV of $3.1/ year for 3yrs was a bargain. Not great at 5 on 5 numbers but his PP numbers were great. Going to have to trade to find a legit 2/3c and then the rest will come from Anderson or Nieves. Im not that concerned with Hayes and Zib. They both know whats at stake and understand that if they don’t improve production they wont be here long. Would have liked them package a deal to persuade Colorado to trade Mackinnon but the kings ransom he’s trying to get for Duchenne would probably be in the same line for Mackinnon if not more.

    • I agree with Lou we needed to sign a center and Gagne @ 3.1 per year for three would have been the best option. It appears to me they are going to go for a 3rd line center moving Holden. I think Staal can be bought out unless Wild will take him. The biggest need was not addressed as it stands now we have 5 lh dmen and don’t think that is what opening day roster will look like.

      • From what I’ve read and heard about Sam Gagner he wanted to go back out west. If I’m not mistaken also I believe his father works in the Canucks organization which might have also helped him sign there as well.

  • FULL TILT what an underrated “Rangers” site! Gorton’s hedge, which wasn’t bad, has come to bite him. Protecting Holden and not Lindberg turns out to be a mistake. But he was unsure of both the Shattenkirk signing and the Smith re-sign that he probably had to do it. I think, right now, if he had the chance he would trade Holden straight up for Lindberg… I know I would!

  • Gorton had to use the spot that Girardi freed up on protecting a D man. He couldn’t protect Lindbergh so it wasn’t about a choice between the two of them.

  • Jose De La Rosa

    I would attempt to unload Staal before Holden, if not both.

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