Breaking: Dan Girardi Will be Bought Out

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The Rangers announced that they will buy out the remainder of defenseman Dan Girardi’s contract. The rugged 33-year-old had been a staple on the Rangers blue line for each of the last ten seasons, after being undrafted in the 2005 NHL draft. As was previously reported on FullTilt, the Rangers will be saving just under $3 million next season but will have a cap hit of $3.61 million in the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

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The move was one that had been floating around on the Rangers blogs for a good part of this past season. Girardi was one of the most well-liked players in recent Rangers history. He was a hard working and dedicated teammate, who always did the dirty work as a tireless shot blocker. Girardi was named an alternate captain for most of his final six seasons on Broadway and was an NHL All-Star back in 2012.

Now what?

What does this mean for the Rangers moving forward? In the immediate future, it leaves an extra spot on defense for Jeff Gorton to protect. Perhaps the Rangers can re-sign Brendan Smith before the expansion draft. Perhaps they will sign Kevin Shattenkirk with the additional cap room. One thing is for sure; the Rangers are losing one of their more dependable players this offseason.


  • Too bad it wasn’t Staal at least Girardi showed up for playoffs Staal is completely lost.

  • Would have liked to see him get traded even for a very late rnd pick. Not a fan of the buy out. Now with Klein retiring they really need to move Stepan now and if they can package him with Raanta to say Winnipeg for Trouba, that would allow NYR to sign Shatty and would have a top 4 of Mac, Shatty, Skjei, & Trouba, then see about signing Brendan Smith and our D will be a pretty formidable group!

  • I know I’m one of the few who will miss Dan Girardi. Like he said he gave everything he had to give to the Rangers. For years he was a tough as nails dman who clawed and fought for every inch in the ice. For a player who was never drafted or an all star in any league he played he is a poster boy for hard work and determination can get you anywhere.

    I for one am thankful for what he gave and am sad he will be gone.

    • Mike O,
      I think you’ll find tha you aren’t “one of the few” who will miss him! Anyone that follows the Rangers knows that without him the last 11years, we wouldn’t have NEAR the success we’ve had.
      He is a pro’s pro, and we are going to miss him greatly!
      Thank you, Dan Giradi, for all you have done for the team! Good luck to you!

  • I totally disagree with this. 1)He had a limited no trade starting July 1st and could have been traded to 16 teams. 2)They could have offered to hold 1/2 his salary for the remaining 3 years of the contract. Now you have 2.6 million next year, and 3.6 for 2 years after that which is a total of 9.8 for the 3 years. If you traded him you could have held 3 million a year of the contract. Don’t tell me some team wouldn’t have taken him for only 2.5 a year.
    This is a move which we will regret. How is having dead money against the cap a good thing for a team who always operates close to the cap every year? For those who like this just remember it when we can’t sign or trade for one because of the dead money from this deal. The icing on the cake would be signing Shattenkirk to a 6 year deal at 6 million with a no movement clause! Unless there are other moves where we trade Nash or Stepan (or maybe both) and shed more salary, THIS IS A BAD MOVE. Once again Mr. Sather gets us again. He gave these contracts out along with all the other bone head moves and nobody seems to write about that! It’s almost 18 years he’s been in charge and look what he’s done. How many others would keep their job with no championship in 18 years? Dolan is a moron

  • Kind of shocked that it was Girardi bought out and not Staal. Yes, I understand the extra year at 3 plus million to in dead cap space but only one extra year and one extra year of penalty year. But breaking it down farther assuming Staal isnt moved, because if you cant move Girardi with a partial list, then moving Staal with a full NMC is harder, especially with the additional year. With that said this year, 8.3 between Staal and Girardi’s buyout, next 2 years 9.3 for the 5/18. Year 4 6.8 for the 5/18. Had they done the reverse year 1&2 would be 7.6 million, year 3 would be 8.6, and year 4 would be 3.9 because Girardi would be off the books. So while everyone that says Girardi was the better buyout option from a financial standpoint, the only years its beneficial are the 5 and 6 with no years 7 and 8.

    If Staal isnt moved, it would have been better to buy him out of Girardi, since Girardi is still a more effective defenseman. Hopefully this means they have a taker for Staal.

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