Almost 2 weeks 1 trade and 5 signings later, has your confidence in Jeff Gorton changed?

Jeff Gorton (USATI)

Jeff Gorton (USATI)

On July 13th, I did a follow up to a Hockey News story about the confidence of each fanbase in their front office. THN ranked the Rangers among the lowest according to surveys submitted by fans, 26th out of 30 to be exact.

When we posted a poll, 374 Rangers fans voted. That was almost double the number of people who responded to score all 30 teams as if they were running their favorite franchise. Our poll was strictly Rangers fans and here are the results.

Front office confidence 7/13/16

Front office confidence 7/13/16

As you can see 53% felt little to no confidence in Jeff Gorton and his front office to get things done. Only 26% felt confident in his abilities to get this team on track. The undecided amount was 21%.

That was then this is now…

Since that poll ran, the Rangers signed J.T. Miller and Kevin Hayes to bridge deals. Retained Dylan McIlrath for one more year and locked up young power forward, Chris Kreider for 4 years. They also signed Josh Jooris to a 1 year deal to help with 4th line depth and the PK.

In a shocking move, Derick Brassard was traded to Ottawa for Mika Zibanejad who is 6 years younger, make almost 3M less and produced similar numbers. It certainly wasn’t a popular move, but it completely made sense.

So, in less than two weeks Gorton retained all 4 RFA’s, added more bottom six depth and got younger at center with more cap space for future moves.

How do you feel now?

So did all these moves change your opinion? Let’s find out.

Please vote and I will follow up in August.


  • “Mika Zibanejad who is 2 years younger,” I belive he is nearly 6 years younger – that is significant.

  • The job Gorton has done with the limited cap space that he had to work with is awesome! I truly believe that we are a better team right now then we were when the season ended! I really believe that the extended off season is going to be huge for Girardi and also this is the 1st year in the last 5 years that Staal has been healthy and able to have a full off season workout, that can only help him! Nice job so far Jeff!

    • I am cautiously optimistic that you are correct. It has been a lot of years with deep playoff runs by a squad that is not afraid to sacrifice their bodies. Just look at the 2015 playoffs. Went to the game 7 of the ECF with most of those guys playing through significant injuries. They had to heal up before they could even start thinking about off season workouts.

  • The last several weeks have demonstrated it is best to avoid overreactions to the roster until the puck drops. Let Gorton prove he has a plan and can execute before being so critical of his moves. Let it play out.

  • My fellow Range fans, doesn’t matter one iota if Girardi (or Staal for that matter) have bounce-back years…they are too expensive and their contracts are too long. For discussion purposes let’s assume they have a bounce-back year then what…they are another year older and there is no guarantee they will be better.

    Their contracts were a disaster from the get-go.. They were being paid close to a million more than McDonagh…what are we crazy.

    How do you think the other 29 GM’s value them….they don’t…Gorton is not going to even come close to getting another team to take those contracts without the Rangers swallowing a lot of bucks.. He should have bought them out when he had a chance.

  • GM Gorton is playing the cards , Sather gave him. He has been able to secure RFA’s and retain enough money to secure an effective top 4 defenseman this year . Salary cap issues will plague the Rangers til the Gerardi , Staal , Nash and Lundqvist contracts are gone. He has proven in his short tenure that he is focused on getting younger , faster and better defensively . With Lundqvist hitting 35 , the Rangers must remain close to an ” all in ” strategy , otherwise the next moves should be to trade or buy out its remaining veteran leadership ( Lundqvist, Nash, Staal & Gerardi ) and ” REBUILD” with young controllable talent .

  • As long as Nash is the highest paid disappointment on the team. The Rangers will never win him a cup. He can’t raise his game to an elite level to dominate in this league. We have to get him off the books. He’d make a great captain in Las Vegas!

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