THN: NYR Front Office ranked among the league’s lowest in fanbase confidence

Gorton works the phone at the 2016 draft (NYR)

Gorton works the phone at the 2016 draft (NYR)

The Hockey News did a great piece yesterday on confidence of each fanbase in their front office. Dominik Luszczyszyn, sent out a survey to help him rank each team’s front office based on 6 different categories. The categories were roster building, cap management, drafting and development, trading, free agency, and vision.

Considering the interactions I’ve had with Rangers fans on various platforms, I am not surpised that the Rangers rank 26 out of 30. Here’s the scorecard.
THN: NYR Front Office Scorecard by fans

THN: NYR Front Office Scorecard by fans

In fairness, this can’t be all put on the lap of new GM, Jeff Gorton but fans don’t feel he’s done much to change their perception as confidence has dropped in his early tenure.

Luszczyszyn, reasoned, “The team’s highest paid defensemen are Marc Staal and Dan Girardi, both of whom make $5.5 million plus per season for four more years, neither of whom deserve that kind of cash. It meant letting go of Keith Yandle, a player the team paid a very high price to acquire that was very under-utilized during his time in New York. I’m not sure what the game plan is in New York, but the future looks dim.”

By citing Staal and Girardi, he is really indicting Glen Sather, but it is hard to deny that as of right now, we as fans have no idea what the Rangers game plan is. I wrote about this in detail here.

Just to give the rankings some context, the Oilers, Bruins, Canadiens and Canucks are behind the Rangers from 27-30 respectively. Awful company. On the flip side, the Tampa Bay Lightning are ranked 1st overall and after retaining Stamkos and re-signing Hedman, how can they not be. Please read the full article and get all the rankings at THN.

So what’s YOUR confidence in the NYR going forward? Take the poll below and we will follow up on this story.



  • Until sather is gone completely from the org there is no way you can judge him as a fully autonomous GM. He can not get rid of Sathers mistakes. He can only tool around with the scraps left behind. Dion Phaneuf was traded, had an even worse contract then Girardi and staal, dont tell me there are un-tradeable contracts. Gorton just can not make trades of that magnitude with Sather still in the rafters

  • Rod Giacoleetch

    Ive never been a Sather fan, this team has slowly been destroyed every year during Lundqvist’s tenure. With a keeper like him, the push should have been on for a Cup. Each year since losing Brandon Prust, the team loses a big chunk of their heart. Losing #1 picks as well as Duclair has crushed this teams future. Last years team was weak, despite alot of points, they were not structured to win in a grind it out game as witnessed in the playoff loss to Tampa Bay. AVs vision of a soft but speedy team devoid of solid defense to help the best hoalie in the world is not going to cut it. Just like last season, they have good regular season numbers and be an embarrassment in the playoffs…if the make it. I give Gorton a pass, his hands are tied, but Sather and AV have been a disaster IMO

  • Team is a disaster. Hank will never get a cup here. Team should trade off every asset and start over. Time to start again, but of course no one will realize that until it’s too late and we will be saddled with bad contracts bad teams and bad years just like we were for years after 94, but at least we got a cup out of that ordeal. This team never cuts it’s losses and rebuilds maybe that’s why we wait 54 years in between cups. What a joke.

  • Rangers fans think just because our defense is terrible Hank has no chance at winning a Cup here in New York. Think about this he is also signed for 8.5 million a year which is also hurting us in the process. He is overpaid for a guy who has not won a Cup either. Compared to guys that have won Cups. Yes he is quality or most of the time in the regular season but were talking Playoffs. All our over paid players are a useless tool. Only one guy on our team took a pay cut to play for the Rangers, Zuccarello. Imagine the only guy and if Lundqvist was such a lover of New York why didn’t he ????? His greed has hurt the Rangers like any other and had he stepped up to take a pay cut then maybe others would follow him. Rick Nash, Derek Stepan, Marc Staal, Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh are way over paid up front help. We let Yandle walk yet he had more points than any defenseman in years that’s what we need along with toughness in Dylan McIIrath. Enough of giving up our draft picks, prospects for over priced players. Find a buyer for these guys in draft picks and prospects and rebuild what we have. I’m so sick of seeing all the money gone on so many players when better cheaper talent is out there. Last thing what goalie was in nets for Pittsburgh when they won the Stanley Cup ? Who was it that had no experience yet helped his team win it all ? If it wasn’t for his strong play in many games they would not have been there.

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