Valiquette: Worst shot he’s ever seen on a goalie, wants 10 games for Eakins

Lundqvist hurt (via nbc)

Steve Valiquette once manned the pipes for the Rangers and was even Henrik Lundqvist’s backup. Last night, the former goaltender was visibly angry when discussing the cheap shot by Cody Eakin on Lundqvist.

The Cheap Shot


Sadly, aside from a Rick Nash face rub, not a single Ranger did anything to defend their franchise player. Valiquette even stated during the first intermission that the game has changed, but when he played someone would have gotten to Eakin. He even turned to Ron Duguay and said, “when you played, 5 or 6 guys would’ve jumped him.”

Bottom line, Steve was pissed

Valiquette even went so far to speak to some goalies who were equally as livid. Here’s what they told him.


The Pansification of Hockey

I’m sorry…I know we now live in a society that has grown sensitive and soft. Everyone wants to understand and be forgiving to the “criminal”, often leaving the “victim” with no justice. We are all about, “no bullying” and “I’m going to tell”. You know when I was a kid and was being bullied or saw someone bullying, I or someone else would punch the bully in the mouth.

You also know what happened then? We’d go to an authority like a Principal or a Parent and once I explained what a jerk said bully was…I would get a pat on the back and the bully would get even more “justice”.

Well, the pansification of our society has now seeped into the game of hockey. By the way, this isn’t the first goalie to be hit with zero response from a teammate. Not to long ago a contact incident happened to Carey Price. Not a single teammate did a thing.

Former Blues enforcer, Kelly Chase had this to say:

I agree Kelly…what has happened?


  • Yes, as a long time fan, the pansification of hockey has actually compromised the safety of players. The league brought in the stupid instigator penalty and coaches(esp AV) don’t want their players to fight. It’s only a matter of time before someone in some game is very seriously injured.

  • Not only in the NHL but the pussification has taken over the entire country. That being said I blame AV for not wanting or using players that may lack top hockey skills but bring a tough physical game and protect the more skilled players from what we saw last night. Do you kill a penalty for being the instigator but you also send a message that your top players cannot be run like that

    • John there was a time when players who did drop the gloves could also play. Guys like Rick Tocchet, Cam Neely, Brendan Shannahan, Bill Guerin, Mark Messier, Eric Lindros, Dino Ciccirelli and others were feared because they could change a game with a hit, a fight or a goal. And to a lesser extent Adam Graves was a player who was very good at fighting and was a very sound 2 way player.

      People forget Bob Probert was a 2 time 20 goal scorer and had years where he scores 19,16and 14 goals too. Bet you most forget that his career high was 29 and that season he had 398 pims. Not to many of those pims were for holding and tripping either.

      You can have tough guys on your roster that just don’t sit for 58 mins too.

      • I know exactly what you are talking about. I have been a Rangers fan since 1964 and see it all with them and the league. Worst thing I ever did was give up my season tickets that I had from 72-74

  • The rules is what happened to the game. The instigator rule was the beginning of the end for players to police themselves. Now nobody wants to go back to thuggery hockey of the 70’s and early 80’s where players like Dave Brown were commiting crimes on the ice, countless cross checks to Tomas Sandstrom’s jaw.

    The league is more concerned about getting new fans who were occasional watchers of the sport and their image. The league will tell you the game is safer, ask Sidney Crosby that question. By no means am
    I a Crosby sympathizer or fan but how many concussions has he sustained due to hits to his head by players who knew there wouldn’t be any retaliation. You couldn’t get within 10 feet of players like Gretzky, Bossy or Lemieux without having to deal w monsters like Dave Semenko, Clark Gilles or Rick Tocchet.

    Non fans will critique hockey in a negative manner anytime a fight happens, however the league is so paranoid about what a two bit reporter from Idaho will say on a news broadcast that gets worse ratings than hockey. There is a need for players to protect their teams best players but there also needs to be a reintroduction to respect for opponents as well.

    Players would t take runs at Gretzky, Bossy or Lemieux not just because they would have to deal with the “sheriffs” of that team but also they didn’t want their star player to take that same abuse from the opposing team.

    It’s time for the league to go back to being what hockey was, division names with historical relevance, rivalries that meant something not because NBCSports says so and stop tweaking the rules to appease non fans of the sport.

    • Great post

    • After Henrik got run I was so disgusted that not a single glove was dropped I shut the game off.i have been a Ranger fan for over 50 years and even during the Broadstreet bully days the Ranger team would never allow that to happen to a goaltender……..welcome to AV HOCKEY…..No wonder they ran him out of town in Vancouver….


    This is why it is unnecessary to go after people. Surprised you didn’t applaud Holden for going after Johns when he leveled Lindberg cleanly.

    I’m sure you’d like Roussell beating fans with shoes too…back in the good ole’ days. Surprised you can log onto the internet with that IQ level.

    • Why is there a need to go after someone if a player is leveled cleanly? That’s not what protecting teammates is about, getting hit clean is a part of the clean. When players cross the line and take runs at goalies or defenseless players is when s teammate steps up for one another.

    • Hey Zam…..not saying stupid fighting is ok,but I am saying if someone runs your goalie like Eakins did,then yes someone has to step up for the team.The sad part is AV has assembled a group of high speed,high skilled players who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag…….lets see how far they go into the playoffs(if they make it) where the games get a lot tougher.You obviously are one of those hockey purist who the commish has been trying for years to attract to the game for years.Look how well that is working out for him!!!!! Hockey will never be a mainstream sport and perhaps NBC,the commissioner and the rest of you millennialist should go to the ice capades

  • Surprising , when Lindburg took a big hit in mid icein the 3rd period, Holden dropped his gloves
    Didn’t expect Skjei to drop his gloves with 20 stitches in his face …. but surprised Klein did not retaliate if he was on the ice , he usually does .

  • Joanne Chevallier

    Earlier this season, Dylan McIlrath retaliated when one of the other Rangers was taken out, and he was benched for the rest of the game. So I can’t see the organization being upset at their guys because the coach does not want them to fight/instigate. The closest Ranger was Skjei and he had facial stitches the day before. I don’t fault him for not going after Eakins.

  • Let’s see—-we have to trade for a player that has the balls to stand up for all the pansies in the line-up.
    HMMM– I wonder what Mc Ilrath is doing these days??? Too bad we don’t have a player like that on the team !!

    • The Rangers had two players in recent history that would have fit this rosters make up
      – Derek Dorsett , now with Vancouver & Brandon Prust , who was not re signed by the Canadians & is a free agent , Possibly retired.
      Both players were given multi year massive contracts ( 3-5 million per year ) to become fourth line players with grit , who would stand up for their teammates. With today’s salary cap restrictions , most teams would be better off finding this type of tough profile fourth line player ( not defensemen ) in their AHL affiliate and promote him. It would be a cheaper option and allow the NHL parent to bring in the talent needed to compete effectively in this constrained NHL schedule .

  • Shame on you ryan McDonough for not making him pay for that,if the captain was on this team you would have seen this piece of shit taken out on a stretcher!! Messier would have made him pay!!!

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