Throwback Thursday? Lundqvist interfered with in LA, goal stands, Rangers lose in OT

Lundqvist bamboozled in LA again! (NHL)

Lundqvist bamboozled in LA again! (NHL)

Henrik Lundqvist was upset last night and he had every right to be. In the third period with the Rangers protecting a one goal lead late, he was victimized by a bump that prevented him from making a save.

Only difference this time, a coach’s challenge allows for a second chance to get it right…they still got it wrong. Let’s flashback to the Final in 2014 when Dwight King was “positioned” into Lundqvist but King made no effort to avoid contact. Matter of fact, he bowled him over.

Here’s last night’s where Toffoli is “positioned” in the crease and makes no effort to get out.

Here’s Lundqvist’s justifiable blasting of the NHL.

Is he right?


  • Lundqvist was right, but I agree with AV. Move on and get ready for the Sharks. Hank really needs a win Saturday to get him feeling good again. The losses to the Kings and Detroit in OT after 2 stellar performances have to be extremely frustrating. LGR!

  • Another non-call…….that “SCREW THE RANGERS” button isn’t just limited to the establishment in Toronto. Hank is justifiable in being pissed off but AV is right…..move on and get 2 points on Saturday. 5 out of 6 points would be great.

  • My God. This is so embarrassing. Here I thought Ranger fans were better than ’99 Sabre fans and every PIT fan out there and able to rise above constantly whining about a single call from days gone by.

    First of all, McD clearly PUSHED King into Hank, so the bitching doesn’t even make sense, I don’t care what Henrik says. Second, even if somehow you think it was GI, ONE goal in ONE game does NOT and should NOT cost a team an entire 7-game series, or in this case 5 games. You know what does? When a so-called “elite” player like Nash – or anyone else on the team for that matter – can’t manage to score one measly goal in 5 – yes FIVE – different OT periods, including several when NYR had a PP.

    THAT’S where the bitching should be directed. Not at this meaningless trash.

  • Are you really ranting from a post that is 3 months old?

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