Ranking potential New York Rangers trade targets for the March 1st deadline

Gorton has some decision to make (NHL/CBSsports)

Rangers looking to make a move?

The NHL trade deadline is Wednesday, March 1st and the Blueshirts have been active scouting and calling teams leading up to it. Top on their list is a right handed defenseman to play top or second pair minutes.

Reports have surfaced the Rangers have contacted the Blues about Kevin Shattenkirk, and are scouting the Kings heavily as well. We also learned that the salary cap will not change for next season, which means the Rangers will have to be very careful when going for certain players.

That being said, Jeff Gorton will not overpay or mortgage the future to just make a move for making a move’s sake.

1 – Kevin Shattenkirk, D (28 y/o, $4.25M AAV)

Shattenkirk (STL)

He is the name that has come up more than anyone else. The Rangers and Bruins remain in hot pursuit for the upcoming UFA blue liner who would be a big upgrade to the Rangers right side.

The Blues have been trying to work a sign and trade, but that isn’t going well. Rumors say Shattenkirk could be looking for 7M per and with the cap not going up, it could be a problem for many teams. However, Boston doesn’t seem scared off by it and could land Shattenkirk by the deadline.

That’s where it will be interesting for Gorton. If his plan was just to wait and sign him as a UFA, it could be in real jeopardy. So does he make a move now and give up players of value? To make matters worse, Darren Dreger reports that many GM’s only see him as a second pairing defenseman at best on a contending team.

2 – Jacob Trouba, D (22 y/o, $2.5M AAV)

Trouba(Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images)

I have to believe with the current situation in St. Louis and the Rangers desperate to fix their blue line, Trouba is a target. To be fair, the Jets aren’t actively trying to move him and when they were, they wanted a similar defenseman in return. The Rangers don’t have that.

However, with stud rookie Patrik Laine looking like the real deal, maybe they could be enticed with a package featuring Derek Stepan. The Rangers could also add a prospect defenseman as well, even if it has to be Sean Day. Who knows, maybe the Rangers can extract Bryan Little and turn this into a blockbuster.

Remember the Rangers have made a commitment to Kevin Hayes to play center and have Mika Zibanejad in the fold too. Stepan makes 6.5M and will have a no trade clause kick in this summer. While I admit this is a long shot, Trouba who is a top pair RD is still a target.

3 – Dougie Hamilton, D (23 y/o, $5.5M AAV)

The Rangers really need a true PP QB on the blue line and Hamilton is a right handed fit. He would also improve the top two pairs and at 23 will be a longterm fix.

What will it take to get him? That’s a good question and would have to start with a player like J.T. Miller. That is not a player I want to part with, but how bad do the Rangers want to fix the blue line is the question.

4 – Matt Duchene, C (26 y/o, $6M AAV)

Duchene (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Duchene is an offensive upgrade over Derek Stepan, but Stepan is an all around better player. Still, take your pick…want more goals and a better PP then you go Duchene. Want a team leader who plays both ends of the ice well and kills penalties then you go Stepan.

A swap of the two centers is plausible but if that were the case, a bigger deal could be in the works with maybe Klein and Iginla (COL would have to eat half his salary) switching homes. This is one player that seems to be flying under the Rangers radar but could happen.


5 – Thomas Vanek, RW (33 y/o, $2.6M AAV)

The Rangers were considering him during free agency this summer and it looks like the Wings will move him as a rental. As the Rangers PP continues to be hit or miss (more miss), Vanek’s prowess on the man advantage is something they need and could get cheap.


  • What about a Michael Stone from Phoenix. They aren’t going anywhere, he’s probably not even their best trading chip. Michael Hanzal prob is their best trading chip. Stone is only 26, is a big dman standing at 6’3 and shouldn’t cost to much at all.

    I want absolutely no part of Tomas Vanek. I’m still in the opinion of not giving up anything for Shattenkirk. Sign him at free agency and if he’s traded it’s not the end of the world. He is NOT the answer to our defensive woes at all.

    I really don’t see the Rangers making any big deals at the deadline. Their offense is good enough and their can be better with adding steady dmen who can be reliable in their zone.

  • Stone would be a nice fit but what would they have to give up for him?

    • Stone would be a waste of assets for me. He would not fix the first line pair, if the first pair isnt fixed no reason to fix the third. If a first pair dman is picked up, Girardi slides to third and AV isnt taking him out of the lineup. Thats why I think Stone is a wasted asset.

      • Huh? That makes no sense. The rangers need help defensively. You get better by making all 6 spots better. Trading for a #1 dman will gut this team of its youth and picks this team wants to secure. And with what cap space are you going to pay that top dman? There are plenty of steady stay at home dmen who aren’t the top pairings of their team they can go out and target.

  • The asking price for Duchene has become asinine.
    Miller should be an untouchable.
    Seriously, why would we give up anything for Shattenkirk when he expressed interest in coming here as a UFA?
    No matter who we get, we will not win the prize this year.
    PLEASE hold on to a promising young core. And for a change not mortgage the future for a quick fix that doesn’t work. Draft well, and SMART free agent signings.

    • I totally agree w everything you said except for one thing. I wouldn’t say. Illegal is an untouchable. In fact he he had a typical showing in the playoffs I believe his time in NY is numbered. He has never shown up in the playoffs and w 1 goal in 28 playoff games he better get his act together.

      • Mike and Jerry,

        Let me start with Shattenkirk would not be my target. However if they plan to go for him in the summer, then I am all for getting him now with exception. Players I would trade off the roster include pirri lindberg klein. I would give up a first for him, I wouldnt give up graves/day or that 19 year old right hand defenseman whos name I cant think of.

        The reason is simple it is not to help a run this year which he will. Think of all the big fish UFA the rangers have gone after that were going to fix the issues of their position. Gomez, Drury, Redden, Richards, all played top line minutes on their former clubs, Richards even played for our coach at the time. All failed.

        Shattenkirk has always been a second pair defensemen behind Pietroangelo. Could he play top line assignments, maybe. But maybe he cant, maybe he doesnt mesh with AV/Mac or able to play in the pressure of NYC.

        My theory is simple Date him (trade for him) before you marry him (7 year 6 plus with NMC) because if it fails the divorce will be painful (Staal/Girardi). Again not my target but if hes theirs thats why he should.

  • None of those guys make sence, escpecially the forwards, need a stay at home D.

  • Hopefully they fix the RH defense disaster. I have always been a Girardi fan but its obvious he cannot play top line minutes any more. I hope they target one of the young defenseman Trouba/Hamilton/Barrie/ Vaattenen are names that have popped up as possible available or if there is a non public name like the brassard/zibanejad swap.

    I want proven and young, depending on who it is, would change what id be willing ok with giving up. Remember you must give to get. Id be ok with one roster forward that isnt considered a throw in.

    If its Trouba/Hamilton id be ok with Miller. Nash/Zucc dont have the value for those teams. Mika/Hayes is a no for me. I value Buchenvich skill set over Millers. Id give up Stepan but it does weaken us down the middle and that strength is needed.

    Another player that can be used to get one of them is Raanta. Both Calgary and Winnepeg are a disaster in net, maybe one of theirs for Antti in hopes for him to be Talbot for them. Calgary may not bite since Elliot has not been what they expected.

    I would consider Skjei if no roster player is attached or high prospect or first. Trouba and Hamilton are the same age as Skjei, so they would be as much as the future as he is. Whether we like it or not Staal is here for some time, which gives only room for one of skjei/graves/day on their natural side. The reason im hesitant is id rather deal from strength then weakness. The only reason I even consider is the same age and it fixes the first line which is the most important and hardest to fix.

    • How does Dougie Hamilton fix any of the Rangers d problems? He forces his way out of Boston and now Calgary a team with holes bigger than ours on d can’t give Hamilton away fast enough?

      • Calgary isnt giving him away, thats what we would be doing with Klein. If Calgary were to trade him it would be significant I believe Burke said he wouldnt move him for 20 first round picks lol.

        Do you like Hayes/Vesey cause what they did is no worst than Hamilton or Trouba saying they want out of their cities?

        As to how can he help us, simple we have 1 defenseman who is a better dman than him, Mcdonagh. Skjei is not as good as him I dont think I need to even name the other 4. Sure, Skjei can develop to be better but so can Hamilton who is on 8 months older than him.

        • Hamilton has been on the block since June. This isn’t me saying this, it started as early as October when Pierre LeBrun 1st reported it. In November both Nick Kypryos and Eliotte Friedman reported on this as well. Friedman was the one hmwho said he has heard Hamilton’s name since June being available. And even Bob McKenzie said he knows Calgary is listening to offers for Hamilton.
          He has been discribed as a locker room cancer when he played in Boston.

          I don’t remember at any point in Kevin Hayes’ time with the Blackhawks where he demanded a trade out of Chicago. Chicago drafted him in 2010 BEFORE he went to Boston College. Once he entered college the Blackhawks and him couldn’t agree to contract terms, which made him a free agent.

          Vesey did inform Nashville, who drafted him before he entered Harvard, that he was not going to sign there after the 4 years time the team had to sign Vesey. I don’t agree with that part of the collective bargaining.

          And I never criticized Hamilton for forcing his way out of Boston. I brought that up because a mere couple of months after Calgary traded for him, Hamilton was once again being shopped.

          • I took your comment about forcing his way out of Boston as a negative, I appologize I was wrong.

            I agree that I dont like that part of the CBA that a draft pick can refuse to sign. However I dont see a difference in a player refusing to sign and a signed player forcing his team to move him.

            However look at Drouin last year, wanted out, Yzerman wouldnt accept low ball offers and it paid off.

            Burke made a pretty big deal about Hamilton and being shopped, even went as far to say I know who asked about Hamilton, who then said we were shopping him, were not and if they continue to say it, I will say who leaked that.

            I cant speak to rumors of bad in the locker room unless a player is on record saying it, could be true but I dont know. I do think he can play top line minutes and fills a glaring hole.

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