Rangers Rumor Roundup: Shattenkirk trade talk, move Grabner, and buyout Girardi

Shattenkirk (getty)

Anyone tired of the Rangers and Shattenkirk rumors yet?

Trade talks are heating up around the league and as Darren Dreger noted last week that the Rangers are in the market for a top 4 blue liner.

What’s the Buzz?

ESPN reported via Spector’s Hockey:

The New York Rangers could use another defenseman. If they’re to pursue St. Louis Blues rearguard Kevin Shattenkirk via free agency this summer, they could be reluctant to move assets to chase a blueliner now. 

To be honest, I don’t think the Blues will trade him because Shattenkirk likely will not sign with that team (unless it’s the Rangers or possibly Boston). I expect the Blues to keep him and see if they can win a Cup and then trade his rights at the draft.

Trade Grabner?

The NY POST looked at the Rangers and the pending expansion draft. He opined that Michael Grabner may not be protected this June. He does this by highlighting the Rangers will need to protect Rick Nash because of his no move, Stepan, Zuccarello, Miller, Hayes, Kreider, and Zibanejad. Players with less than 2 years pro experience do not need to be protected.

Let me pose a question… In what world does trading your leading goal scorer make sense? Especially one who doesn’t have a history of lighting the lamp consistently. Just like the Blues, you keep him and take your chances that he may not be taken by Vegas.

Buyout Girardi

Girardi (USATSI)

Brooks’ also noted the following on the Rangers expansion situation on defense:

Dan Girardi owns a no-move clause. Expect Gorton to either ask Girardi to waive the no-move or to buy out the Blueblood defenseman before the list is filed. If Girardi is amenable, he fills the exposure requirement. If the Rangers buy out Girardi before the draft, then Kevin Klein is the only current defenseman who fits the bill. Adam Clendening is a restricted free agent who would both need to sign an extension and play at least 31 of the final 40 games to qualify. Not likely.

I think that this is very possible, Girardi’s last season in Blue.



  • I hope they keep Grabner and expose him. I see no reason to trade him, with how well hes played, id much rather protect a more valuable asset like Hayes/Miller. Grabner is great to expose because of his streaky history. Vegas may choose to take him, which will be a loss, but a replacable loss. With a healthy lineup assuming 20/21/36 and 10/13/40 stay together and with both lines playing as well as they are that leaves Vesey or Buch to go with Nash and Mika, which means one of them goes to the 4th line. When was the last time a player that skilled was on the 4th line, that wasnt because of a punishment.

    As for Girardi, I assume at the end of season Gorton asks him to waive his NMC for the draft, with the assumption that he will be bought out if not picked up. I like Girardi and think he can still play in the league, however he does not fit in AVs system and from the cap side of things cant have a cap hit of his size playing bottom minutes. I hope another team picks him up at a minimal contract and proves the people wrong that say he cant play, similar to Roszival.

  • Phillipe DeBasquette

    How about…we trade a few of those forwards (Stepan, Lindberg) and keep Grabner

  • Just remember, in 1994 everyone thought trading Mike Gartner was crazy with his 50+ goals, yet we did, and got some important pieces to our Stanley cup in the process, Definitely have to buy out G, Only move Grabner for a steal or part of a good package deal.. we need right handed defensemen who can be true top 2/4!

    • Dont forget about Tony Amonte. I agree the need another RH dman, but I want a first pair guy not a second pair. I want a young guy like Trouba or Hamilton. Id give up a Miller or Buchnevich as the main piece.

    • When they traded Gartner we still had Messier Graves, Leetch, Zubov and we won that one year but who knows what kind of team we could have had the following year giving up Amonte & Graves?

      • Giving up Graves? Graves was dealt near the end of his career to San Jose. He scored the series ending goal in Matteau like style in ’97 vs the Devils at Jersey.

        I agree 100% that we sold our souls to the Devil to win in 94. If those moves weren’t made were the Rangers good enough to win in 94, we will never know. However they could have had multiple cups if Amonte and Weight stayed and if they didn’t trade Zubov either. But hey 1994 was magical and as a long suffering fan at the time growing up on Long Island it was well worth it.

  • Trading Stepan is crazy, he may not be the #1 center, but he is a solid two way center who still has his best to come, and always produces big goals, and multi point games especially in playoffs and big games.. I’ll take his 50+/ points and the + player he always is, with better point numbers to come still.. It’s evident how important he truly is to our team when he’s not playing…

    • Couldn’t agree with you any more about Stepan. Fans get caught up with his points total and not when he gets his points. He has had some huge goals down the stretch and in the playoffs throughout his career for the Rangers. He is def under appreciated and the same fans who are willing to move him will be screaming for a player like Step to replace what they lost in Step. Ranger fans have been longing to rebuild from within and when they have the players who fit that bill they want to trade them, just like Kreider.

  • This trade came up on my NHL15 ’16-17 season for Xbox. Klein, Stepan, a 2017 2nd, 3rd 4th. To the Avs. For landasgog, dueshane a 2017 3rd 4th 5th. I countered with giving the draft picks but taking Tyson Berrie and not taking their picks. Who won out and could/should the Rangers do it??

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