Rangers Roundup: Grabner also to blame for tying goal and Holden deserves a seat

Mtl ties it late

The Rangers fell in OT to the Canadiens in a game they were 17.3 seconds away from taking a 2-0 lead in the series.

In the aftermath of the tying goal late in the third, the easy to blame scapegoat was Nick Holden, and deservedly so. He’s struggled in his own zone for two games, and foolishly broke his stick on a Habs player in front. He followed that by inexplicably dropping to his knees attempting to block a pass to only be the object the goal was banked in off of.

Correction: it appears the puck just missed Holden…still shouldn’t have been down.

Then anger shifted to Alain Vigneault for having the pair out there to begin with. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it was their shift up and AV had no timeout after using it to rest his group off an icing earlier.

Update: AV appears to have skipped Smith/Skjei late…he deserves some heat.

Lost in the anger was how with 55 ticks on the clock, Marc Staal moved the puck up to Grabner who delayed just a split second to make a play up ice instead of clearing it. That caused a block and kept the puck in on a tired group until the eventual goal happened.

Like I’ve said countless times before, it isn’t always obvious whom to blame for a goal against. If Grabner whips it out immediately, the Rangers may be coming home up 2-0.

Holden Needs To Be Scratched

Nick Holden has made one really good play in these playoffs and it came last night when from behind the net he hit Jimmy Vesey with a long pass. The rookie then hit Nash for the 2-2 tally. Besides that Holden has committed some egregious turnovers and has missed defensive assignments as well.

Marc Staal hasn’t been that great either, but not nearly as bad as Holden. At this point, I don’t see how AV can walk away from the game film and justify not making a change. For game 3, Kevin Klein will likely be reinserted with old partner Staal.

Klein, who is rested, can bring some offense as well. As far as our defense goes, he has the hardest shot in the group. The concern is his issues in the defensive zone this year. Were they made worse by his back issues? Is he healed enough to return to last year’s form? The questions beg to be answered, because at this point Holden has shown that AV needs to find out.


  • Besides all the points you brought up in which I agree with them all, I don’t understand why we have those moments like the one with Grabner.,way too many times I see guys like Holden or Staal have the puck on their sticks and not do a dam thing with it. They wait to get hit and end up getting knocked off the puck. Last night with about 30 seconds left and we had the puck along the boards and just had to flip it out of the zone about 5 feet away but never did and the rest is history. I knew coming into this season we would have problems on D but I was hoping we could be a much better possession team and make up for some of our problems

  • You win as a team and you loose as a team.. But our D must be a hole lot better. It shouldnt be that difficult to clear a puck up in the air and out of the zone……

  • Last 2 minutes with a lead our top two d pairs should be 27-42-76

  • I better not see the “cant win at home” BS…They need to win 2 games at MSG and do so in dominating fashion. Yes…Holden is awful. Rick Nash….One hit Stephan 3???? They need to put on the big boy undies….

  • Silly commentas teams win games an lose games.

  • I was wondering why Mac n Girardi weren’t out there too but we kept icing the puck and we’re stuck with the guys we had. But still all we had to do was flip the puck up and out but instead Grabner tried tipping it past his guy along the boards. That was just one of the times we shoulda been able to clear. It’s a problem we’ve had all year. It’s a shame cause fans were worried about Girardi and he’s been good so far so instead Holden is killing us. We better see a whole new defense next year

  • You write in a way that tells me you never played and never coached. Like you just expect everyone to always do the “right” thing. Like they are immune to the speed and pressure. Give it a rest already. Its pathetic.

    • Funny…I’m just pointing out how it’s easy to blame one player, but sometimes we miss the smaller mistake that led to the bigger one. Most times, when coaches analyze film they look for the little things to correct….but sure…criticize if you like.

      • What did he expect you to write “great try guys hope you do better next time”? You brought up a good point about a player not doing what he should have done. As a matter of fact it’s the same play I made a comment about but didn’t realize it was the same play at the time. As far as tonight’s game goes I hop they get bodies in front of Price more and I really hope we see Kreider wake up along with Hayes. Then clear the dam zone guys.

  • This loss is all on A.V. playing a dump and change all period but with less than a minute to go and your stick breaks grab the player from front of net get a faceoff (LINDBERG) and move it out of the zone. GAME OVER up 2-0 heading back to the garden.

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