Rangers Reactions: The Sights and Sounds of Game 4 Victory

The Rangers ride The King to stave off elimination (Getty Images)

The Rangers ride The King to stave off elimination (Getty Images)

Last night, the NY Rangers won their first Stanley Cup Final’s game since June 14th, 1994! We help keep the celebration going with the best media from last night’s win! Enjoy.


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Broadway Hat




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From Me:


  • Things that really hurt: 1)The first two games of this series – that the Rangers should have won and I am sure they are wishing they could have back. 2) Dan Girardi’s play – The guy has actually been a liability for the first time in a long time. He looks slow and even confused with what to do with the puck. 3) Rick Nash – do I even need to say anything here? 4) Brad Richards – I dont need to say anything here either, but wow slow, slower and slowest. 5) Rangers good defensive play in the first 3 series. They have yet to play a good team defense since game 6 of the Canadiens series.

    If these things were not a factor maybe the series would be tied or dare I say the Rangers up 3-1. Whatever the reason for things not going well, maybe just maybe they can fix some of the above listed issues and get something cooking going forward. I understand they are the underdog and that the Kings are supposed to win this series, but I hate seeing missed opportunity. Man, is this one big opportunity.

    • I would also like to add that if the rest of the team decided to play like St Louis, Zuccarello, Lundqvist, Stralman maybe we would be in a better position.

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