Rangers and Mika Zibanejad reach deal

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The Rangers announced today that the team has come to terms with restricted free agent center Mika Zibanejad on a five-year contract with an AAV of $5.35 million.

Zibanejad got his asking price of $5.3 million and will be a Ranger for the foreseeable future. He has a lot of dollars to live up to now that he’s gotten his big payday. If Zibanejad can produce a 60+ point season and continue to improve over the length of his contract, it will be well worth it. But if he stagnates in year three, let’s say, it could end up as a costly payout for a slightly above average player.

NOTE: After the Zibanejad deal, the Rangers have $3,050,556 left under the salary cap according to CapFriendly. The Blueshirts still need another centerman in their forward group, as well as additional cap space for any call ups they may need to make during the season. 


  • What’s the love affair with Tyler Bozak? He has had 3 yrs where he scored over 35 points and makes 4.2 million a yr.

    • Robert G Dillon

      He has averaged .62 points per game over the course of his career and that was on a crappy team. At that rate he should score over 51 points over 82 games. Then take into account he will be playing on a much better team and I can see 60 points easy.

      • On a crappy team? He had Kessel and van Riemsdyk on his wings. But we can write him down for 51 pts with Nash and Vesey on his wings when he couldn’t accomplish that feat with Kessel and van Reimsdyk? Enough with 40 point players on this team!

        • Mike,

          While Im not thrilled about the idea of Bozak, he is a stop gap for Hayes to turn the corner (or not) while waiting for this years first round picks to develop. The question is with only giving spare parts (holden) no first round pick or core players how much better of player then Bozak could they get.

          • Bozak is exoensive . 4.2 with a modified no trade agreement , who is a UFA in 2018/9 .
            Toronto needs to rid themselves of salary ( they are over cap )
            After Zibanejad signing , the Rangers don’t have 4.2 million in cap space .
            If there are no trades planned , ( Using. Miller , Holden for a top 6 center ) , then the Rangers may go after an RFA like Bostons , Spooner ?
            There have been rumors that Boston might consider taking Holden in a sign and trade for Soooner . Who would be an expensive RFA & he doesn’t fit well with the Bruins or their new coaching style

  • All I can say is I hope he lives up to his potential!

  • I will take my chances with Bo Nieves as the 4th center. Always have Miller in reserve, an can always pick someone up.

    • Boo had recurring concussion injuries last year …. leaves me to believe Boo may not be able to stay healthy for a full season in the NHL.
      Hope the Rangers two first round draft choices are ready for the 2018/9 season.

      • Joe,

        Since it wont let me reply to your comment above I clicked on here. Leafs are only on paper over the cap. They could keep Bozak and stay under the cap by putting Lupul and Horton on LTIR, neither are able to play. Which puts them around 7 million under cap with bozak. Plus I dont think Miller would be part of a package for Bozak, Holden sure but not Miller.

  • I think its a solid contract, Zibanejad has shown at worst is a second line center, which isnt a bad salary for a second line center especially 3 years from now. The problem is we are hoping that he can be a first line center.

  • Now that Zibanejad is signed for 5 years , it’s time to focus on getting another top 6 center ( or identify Miller is your answer) whether on the 2nd or 3 rd line.
    I believe the Rangers have what it takes to trade for Calgarys Mikael Backlund ( 3.575,000 UFA 2018/9)
    If that means the Rangers need to tradeJT Miller ( 2,750,000 RFA 2017/8) and Holden ( 1,650,000 UFA 2018/9 ) to get him , then so be it. The Rangers have enough depth at defense and wing to feature the below starting lineup . Lots of talent , speed and puck possession capability . Would be a fun team to watch !! I Don’t expect everyone to agree ….

    Zib, Buchnevich , Kreider
    Backlund, Nash ,Vesey
    Hayes , Zucc , Grabner
    DeSharnais , Fast , Peumpel

    McDonagh, Shattenkirk
    Skjei , Smith
    Staal, DeAngelo

    Lundqvist , Pavelec

    • Joe,

      I would not be against the idea to trade Miller to fill the void of center, personally do not think moving him to center is the answer. However I would not trade Miller for Backlund. Backlund is a pending UFA and JT Miller still has 2 (has played 5 needs 7) years of service before reaching UFA status. I feel sending Miller as a chip, you can get a better return then a pending UFA.

      • Thanks for your feedback !
        I an not sure that NY Rangers fans , which I am one , are thinking clearly regarding Miller 2017/8 value & fit !! We both agree he is not the answer at center !
        Rangers have defense and wing depth in Hartford
        Rangers need a strong two way center to replace Stepan , who fits into their remaining 2017/8 salary cap
        Miller is an 2018/9 RFA who will be looking for Kreider / Zibanejad like 4/5 year contract ( $ 4.5-5.5 million per year )
        I’d rather see them sign
        – Ottawa’s Turris 27 years old , making $3.5 million in 2017/8 , who is a UFA 2018/9 or
        – Calgarys Backlund 28 years old , making 3.58 million in 2017/8 , who is also a UFA 2018/9.
        Both FIT the Rangers two way center needs, FIT the Rangers 2017/8 salary cap, and will probably cost equal to or less than Miller in 2018/9 arbitration.
        My thoughts… and rationale . NO EMOTION
        – I’d hate to lose Miller ,he is one of my favorite Rangers players, but he is the only player/ asset which they can trade fir value ?

        • Personally, I think JT is a solid complimentary piece. I dont look at him as a guy that can carry the line but does the dirty work (corners/front of the net). With rising stats every season, does his stats continue to rise or did he peak, we will see. Downside has never preformed in the playoffs 1 goal in 40 games doesnt cut it, for a player who scored plus 20 each of the last 2 seasons.

          With our wing situation Kreider/Buch/Vesey/Zucc (leaving Nash off cause who knows if they plan to resign to a lower contract) they can move Miller or one of the others for what they really need which is a top center, which will cost more than just one of those pieces.

          Im not sure who that piece I would say thats the guy I want, its what the player brings that I want. I want a guy that can play against the other teams top guys, not just defend but attack. Someone who can skate with AVs system. Would prefer another right handed shoot first player like Zibanejad. The younger the better.

    • Mikael Backlund, what the hell is it with Ranger fans and 30-40 point players? He’s 28 yrs old and NEVER HAD MORE THAN 36 POINTS!!!! Enough of garbage players, time to get players who produce!!!!

      • Sorry for the typo, thumbs and iPhone don’t mix. He had a caree yr wi 53 pts but he is an under producing player for his entire career

        • I expect he’d ( Bucklund) play better on a better team, with better players, & an opportunity to play playoff hockey within in a better offensive system….
          He FITS financially in 2017/8 and he is a young and experienced Swede …. who has played ( internationally with – Swedish national team ) and friends of , several Ranger players .
          I have notced several recent signings made , because of player familiarity
          – Smith trade and UFA signing played with MC Donagh
          Vesey played with Hayes & signed in 2016 & Pionk played with Vesey and Hayes & signed in 2017 . There are several Russian players who have played with and signed , since the Buchnevich draft pick . Bucklund trade rationale … understand if you don’t agree .

  • Thx for salary cap info on Toronto / Bozak
    Not sure whether Toronto is committed to Bozak in 2017/8 ?
    Rangers may not be an trade option !
    Thought Toronto could use a solid D man and the Rangers may have a surplus ?

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