Rangers “interested” In Possible Centerpiece Nick Bonino!


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It’s been reported that the New York Rangers seem to be very interested in signing Connecticut native Nick Bonino. He will be a free agent for the first time since signing with the Ducks in 2013. Since his last contract of $5.7 million over 3 years, he has built quite a resume for himself. Mainly, the playoff runs with the back to back Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.


Now, Bonino may not have been the best player on this team. During the regular season, he posted a less than stellar 66 points over 143 games with the Penguins. That’s not the reason teams are interested in Bonino, it’s his playoff performances that leave coaches and GMs licking their lips for this guy. He has 40 points in 75 career playoff games, most notably the 18 points in 24 games in the 2015-16 playoffs. This is impressive, because he didn’t come as a huge cost for the team, as well as being a depth 3rd line center contributing those numbers.

And with the loss of Derek Stepan, he is a player Jeff Gorton will need to go after. I have to imagine the 29-year-old depth center could fetch somewhere around $3-4 million range, given what he brings to a team when it matters most, the playoffs. This is something that if I’m Gorton, I would try to shoot for around $2.5-3.5 million per year, pending contract length. Also, have to imagine Bonino will be looking for a place to call home since playing for his third different team over the last four years. I’d say his agent is looking for maybe a 3-5 year deal. If we can get the 5 yr deal, I’m sure we could get the price down to the $2.5-$2.75 million area. If it’s short term, I have to think it’s three years at $3-4 million.

Overall, with the lack of depth at center, and some loss of leadership and veteran playoff experience, Nick Bonino, who has only missed the playoffs once in his six and half seasons, could be a great fit on this roster.


  • Well, he’s not a super star, but, if he played for Pitts, you know he’s tough, dependable and plays every game at 100+%.
    Better than some on the Rangers!!!!!

  • Why would the Pens let him walk? They have Chris Kunitz’s contract off the books now and even if they resign him it would be at a discount since he’s not the same player. Marc Andre Fleury is no longer on their books so they have plenty of money to sign Bonino.

  • Pass! his face off numbers were worst than Stepans and thats an area that cost us in the Ottawa series. Hanzel and Sam Gagne should be the 2 pieces to fill out the roster and make us dtrong down the middle an bring scoring to the center or wing position. Also would Pass on Shatty unless he comes in under $6M/ year

  • I’m with Lou on this one. I know Bonino has done a great job in the playoffs but I think Hanzel with his size and being so good on faceoffs would be a better option. Besides that I’m not sure Haye is gonna be so terrific as our 2nd line center or JT so what do we want another 3rd line center for and why isn’t Pitt resigning him? The problem is there’s not any top line centers other then Thorton I think and he’s looking for 3 years and coming off surgery. That sounds risky. It’s a strange time for us rangers fans with Step and Lindbergh going and not knowing who’s coming in to replace them. I’m starting to think maybe we’re not gonna sign Shattenkirk for some reason and if not maybe they’re thinking they’ll have more cash for a center now. I’m just guessing here. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Gagner sign with the rangers

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