Quick Hits – Rangers vs Senators Game 1 4/27/2017

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Here is my recap of the Rangers 2-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators

  • Rangers MIA – Where in the world are Kevin Hayes, JT Miller, Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan? The Rangers got contributions from this quartet during the entire regular season, but have combined to put up just five points (G, 4A) through seven games. Stepan had the misfortune of the game winner ricocheting off of him before hitting the side of Henrik’s helmet, and going into the net. These four guys have been with the Rangers for three or more years now, and they need to step up their play to get the Blueshirts into the Eastern Conference Finals.
  • Ryan McDonagh – The best skater on the ice in this one was the Rangers captain. He had five blocks, five hits,
    and the Rangers lone goal on the night. With the Blueshirts on the PP, Buchnevich found Zuccarello on the half-wall. Zucc then found McDonagh alone at the point, and the defenseman ripped one off the post and in, past a screened Craig Anderson. McDonagh was steady all game and has been the Rangers anchor on the blue line all year.

  • Special Teams – While this game was won on a fluky goal in the third period, the Rangers didn’t do themselves many favors when they had the man advantage. Yes, McDonagh got a PPG in the second, but the Rangers squandered their other PP chances. Brady Skjei was forced to hook Viktor Stalberg on a partial shorthanded breakaway, and only getting two shots on their PP in the first minute of the second period. The Rangers did score on their third chance, and with the empty net, the Rangers couldn’t solve Craig Anderson in the final 39 seconds of the third. The Rangers PP has been bad, to say the least, in this postseason going just 2/19 in these playoffs. The Senators PK is not as good as the Rangers would let you believe, and the Rangers will need to start getting pucks to the net when they have the man advantage.

    On the other hand, the PK was able to stymie the Senators on three of their four PP chances. Though the Senators only scored once, they were able to work the puck around fairly easily, and it was only a matter of time before they would put one behind Henrik Lundqvist. If you give this team chances, they will make you pay. The Senators PP is currently running at 22% for the playoffs, and if the Rangers can’t stay out of the box, they will be behind the eight ball the rest of the series.

  • Henrik Lundqvist – Had it not been for the Rangers netminder, this game could’ve been over in the first period. The King made 21 saves in the first period, and 38 for the game, including these beauties early on. The way Henrik Lundqvist has played so far in these playoffs, you’d have never known he struggled for a good chunk of the regular season. And you would also have to say that he hasn’t deserved some of the results he has gotten. And a perfect example of that is tonight. He got little to no help from his offense, and when your goaltender has a .953 SV%, you should win. Henrik has given his team a chance to win every night so far in these playoffs, and his teammates need to step up their play in front of the King.
  • NEXT GAME: The Rangers will look to even the series on Saturday in Game Two against the Senators. Puck drops at 3!



    • Here’s my recap. Lackluster effort. Some important players invisible (does kreider still play on this team?). Defense is bad bad bad (watch McDonagh on the Karlsson goal. Guy just watches play). Seriously wish Lundqvist was on a good team. Really a shame his team hangs him out to dry night after night.

      • McD block Karlsson’s 1st attempt to get the puck toward the front of the net. He lost sight of the puck when the puck when back into the corner. He played the pass perfectly. It was a fluke goal, it happens.

        You wish Hank was on a good team, have you been watching the Rangers the last 5-6 years? There is only 2 or 3 teams with more wins in regular season and in the playoffs than the Rangers since AV took over. Since 2012 the Rangers have been to 3 conference finals and to the Stanley Cup Finals. Yeah they have been brutal.

    • This picture of Staal tells a lot about how a player plays in front of Lundquist his job is to play the player not screen the goalie and try to block shots and the power play has no flow at all. The only goal we scored was by screening their goalie which is what they should be doing all game (pay the price if you want to score) When will Grabner score again on a breakaway?

    • They didn’t play well enough to win. They didn’t deserve to win.
      Evidently they don’t care much about the cup. If they did, at least they would TRY to garner enough enthusiasm to skate and shoot. This was a typical Ranger letdown; no zip, no enthusiasm, no effort, and an absolute refusal to shoot the damned puck and crash the net!!
      This has become a measure of this team.
      A 75% effort, at best!
      Maybe if they were paid 75% of their salary for their 75% effort they would play at a higher level.
      There is absolutely NO REASON for them to not give 100% every game. This TEAM lacks something– maybe that something is desire! Individually there are some players that give their all (HL, Zucc, McDonagh), but the rest play sporadically and are independable, to say the least!
      Disappointing and disheartening– to say the least!

    • Here comes all the “they don’t care” bs.

      Why is it the same 3 or 4 people chime in after every loss with same, Rangers don’t care or AV is terrible crap? Yet they are silent when the Rangers win or advance?

      This was a close fought game that was decided by a fluke goal. As great as Hank has played that goal is inexcusable, he wasn’t close to being in position on that play. I don’t know if McD blocking Karlsson 1st attempt of passing through everybody off but that cannot go in.
      If Grabner cashes in on 5% of the chances he had yesterday the Rangers win this game walking away. It’s one game out of a 7 game series. If the Rangers stick to their game plan they will come out ahead in this series. Stop jumping off the ledge after every loss.

      If the Rangers didn’t care about the cup or playoffs they would have mailed it in after game 3’s performance in the 1st round. But they collectively scratched and clawed their way back into the series and won the series.

      • Mike O
        I’m really sorry that you don’t agree with my “BS”.
        I don’t believe in luck, optimism, or “fluke goals”!
        They played exactly poor enough to LOSE. Whether it was missed opportunities, crappy coaching, or crappy playing, it was what it was, and loyalty and excuses have no place in a synopsis of the game.

        • You bring me comic relief every time I read your this team doesn’t care, can’t win, coach is an idiot remarks. You thought they were done before they even entered the playoffs, when the series was tied at 1 and when the Habs were up 2-1. Over the last 4 years you must had your day ruined with the amount of games the Rangers have won.

          Yes I’m am loyal to this team that I’ve followed since I was old enough to understand hockey. Does that mean I believe they will win every game, not even close. I’ve been saying this is an eastern conference finals team not because of loyalty but because of who they had to face. I do not think they match up against the Pens at all. You and others have had this time being dead throughout the season, AV fired and hoping the other shoe drops. The sky is falling bit is rather old. You must be a real peach to be around watching this team always reveling in their flaws. But I can’t wait to read your complaints about this team not caring when they advance. I’ll continue to enjoy the ebb and flow of this and future playoff series the Rangers and AV have ahead of them.

        • Mike is probably a Met fan and believes if you have a winning record during the season that makes the team successful. It is not about getting to the playoffs it is about winning the cup. Being a Ranger and Yankee fan. The Yankees have always played the season to get to the playoffs and win the Rangers have played every season just to make the playoffs. We will never win the cup with A.V. Roger Nielson was fired because the Rangers realized this that they could only go so far. It’s deja vu all over again with A.V.

          • I have no idea what type of baseball fan you had to do with this, but just so you know I am a Yankees fan.

            Roger Neilson was fired because he utilized the trap and want the Rangers to be a defense first team. Messier wanted to play the high risk high reward style the Oilers played.

            You are right about its deja vu all over again with AV, very successful regular season and another playoff run. 3 conference finals and a Stanley Cup run, show me another Rangers coach who has had a more successful 4 year run with the Rangers.

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