One for the grit crowd: Rangers add some sandpaper and recall Tanner Glass

FINALLY (AP Photo/Joel Auerbach)

Rejoice old time hockey fans. Smile Rangers’ fans that are sick of how soft their team has become. Finally, after a long stretch of mediocrity and some lifeless hockey, the Rangers make a real change.

Sandpaper Matters

For months, I and many others have been calling for a change to this one dimensional lineup. We begged for it after Henrik Lundqvist was nearly killed in Dallas. We cried for it to be addressed at the deadline, after watching the Rangers manhandled by Metro division rivals.

I was furious to watch players like Steve Ott and Dwight King both end up in Montreal for nothing. Last night after watching them run around and smash the Rangers to the boards, I called for Tanner Glass. (Proof below)

Now Tanner Glass is with the big club for the playoff stretch and I couldn’t be happier.

The Glass Effect

Tanner Glass isn’t going to help the Rangers score more. Anyone who tries to tout that bull is trying to deflect from how wrong they are about his purpose. It’s meant to trivialize how YOU see the game versus THEIR vision for how hockey in 2017 should be played.

Glass is here for one reason and one reason only…to add a spark to a vanilla lineup. He’s here to throw 5 or 6 hits a game, cause some turmoil on the opposition defense, and drop the gloves with the next clown (i.e. Brendan Gallagher) that bumps Lundqvist. He isn’t here to solve the Rangers lack of goal scoring. Making that connection is pure stupidity.

No, Tanner Glass won’t appear on any chart or graph they worship and fawn over. Where Glass will appear on is the minds of the opposition defense when he is on the ice forechecking, or when they they think it’s a good time to bump Hank to get him off his game.

The Rangers are 5-4 in their last nine. Only two of those wins were in regulation. They only scored 3 goals or more once during that stretch. While that is an obvious concern, what the stats don’t speak to is the fact that in 4 of the 9 games they were run out of the building by a more physical opponent (NYI, CBJ, WSH, MTL).

Why Not Try Something Different?

The Rangers don’t have an offensive threat worth discussing for a call up. Matt Puempel and Brandon Pirri are doing nothing with their ice time and hurting the club. At least we know that in the 8-9 minutes Glass will receive, he’ll throw the body and be effective in his role.

Now the Rangers can add at least a different look to one of their four identical lines. Whenever Alain Vigneault decides to use him, and it looks like it could be in Tampa, the Rangers will have one line with a sandpaper aspect to it. A little piss and vinegar to go with all that milk and honey they play with.

I’m all for it at this point. It’s been long overdue to give it a shot.


  • Spot on Anthony!

  • Did you ever think for ONE second, AV’s putting the brakes on this team?? Rangers sit in 4th in the division, 2 pts behind Pitt and CBJ, who have 2 game in hand on the Rangers.. And currently sit 13pts ahead of the second wild card.. Unless some miracle happens, nobody is taking over the #1 WC spot from them, meaning they will cross over.. Over the next 17 games they can work on PP, PK, and getting healthy.. They don’t NEED to make a push like some other teams do.. So what exactly does Glass bring to this squad, other than dropping gloves and taking stupid penalties?? NOTHING.. Hell this team already has someone who takes plenty of dumb ones in Oscar.. If you’re such the expert, do us all a favor, give up your job writing BS articles, and go take over for AV or Gorton, since you THINK you can do a better job than they can..

      • William I don’t know if you’re just joking around it I’m pretty sure he didn’t say he knows better then AV or anyone and he’s agreeing with what the team is doing so it doesn’t even make sense what you’re saying. Besides all that if they were just trying to stay in this spot then why would he bother bringing anyone up. He’s coming here cause the team is getting thrown around like a cheap suit. Look what happened when JT got in someone’s face. He had Price push him n then Ott hover over him everywhere he went. There wasn’t one ranger there to say a word. At least now we have a guy that team have to answer to. If nothing else he will get the crowd going when he starts punching the crap,outta someone, which should get the team pumped up too

    • Wow you know nothing about how the game is played. You don’t put the brakes on in March ever! Also you miss the entire point of the article as if you just saw the headline and decided it’s time to shit on the writer for understanding what Glass brings to the club. Bottom line is I love the Rangers and as a season ticket holder for years,watching them up close this year is not just a defense problem, they’re looked at as pussys cause of how they allow themselves to get knocked around without repercussions. Tanner helps with that and it’s something that’s needed. Forget the Dallas hit which by even the most passive observer would have said the team rolled over its a developing pattern that’s getting worse. Crosby goes at our captain and he does nothing. Clendennings fight was pathetic if it could even be called that. Taking the high road could lead to our players getting hurt before we even try and make a run for the cup without an enforcer.

  • Oh willie! That anthony is bad for wanting that meanie fighter glass back. He is not part of our PC culture. Just thinking of fighting makes me want to cry! I will see ya later at the LGBTCVEDCGBT meeting and do wear your purple bloomers I do so love those!!!! Kithes to you we willie

    • Good one hndo. I like the purple bloomers line the best. I don’t k how fans can’t see that every team still needs at least one guy that’s gonna kick someone’s ass. Right now we got Gus that get drilled and they turn around and swing their pocketbooks back at them.

  • We missed out on Ott & King so now we have to settle for no talent Glass. Montreal might win the cup because Julien knows what he needed to win (4th line players) He won twice already and A.V. is 0-3 in SCF. That is what we missed at the trade deadline and why we will exit playoffs after 1st round.

  • Hopefully he is a Healthy Scratch starting tonight!!

  • Recalling Glass just a signal AV doesn’t have a clue….. or they are trying to do anything possible not to take any of the 1st 3 spots in Metro 🙂

  • Hockey is a game that is won in the corners and behind the net this current team has no players that will sacrifice their bodies to muck it out. Unfortunately our captain does nothing when challenged he’s a good defensemen and the rest of the defense follows his lead. We hit no one.Gorton and AV did nothing at the trade deadline for a gritty player. Watch Brady when he goes to check he uses his stick never his body this is the example of the player AV wants we will never win the CUP as long as he is the coach. So now we add some sandpaper and grit to the roster with 18 Games left because the pressure is on to get out of the first round and to finally add a player who stand up for HANK before he gets hurt Not a Glass fan but at least he will do something when another player runs one of player’s or the goalie. Instead of blowing kisses at them.

  • I get what you’re saying but in a sense you’re contradicting yourself. If tAV wants the player that goes in poking his stick and they did nothing at the trade deadline to address the grit then why would he bring Glass back at all. You mentioned the pressure to get out of the first round. Wasn’t that pressure there at the deadline just a few days earlier? Don’t get me wrong I agree with you about the poking around with the stick. It’s exactly the same thing I say all the time. You even used the same examples as me. They stink along the boards n in the corners in those battles. I’m just not so sure it’s the players he wants as if he would say “I don’t want that guy. He plays too tough”. It’s confusing to me that they didn’t get a guy at the deadline to add some grit but then days later bring up Glass. I’m still wondering what Buekaboom has to say in all this. Why isn’t our D hitting guys like he did? Now Girardi n Klein are our leaders in hits n they’re not playing now so that has something to do with it but still Mac should be leading the way by example n kicking some ass out there. I’m not talking fighting cause we know he don’t do that, but just hit someone. But again I get your point n agree for the most part.

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