Why Mats Zuccarello is Awesome!


If the play of the Rangers diminutive and undersized winger didn’t endear Mats Zuccarello into your hearts, then this definitely will. With Zuccarello back in Norway after the Rangers were eliminated in six games by the Senators, he was cruising along and saw a kid playing hockey in his driveway. Zucc pulled over, got out of his car, and engaged the kid in conversation. And had it not been for the kid’s mom posting the encounter on social media, the world would have never known.

“#everydaymagic When you’re standing in the driveway and practicing shot after shot all alone and maybe dream about hockey and heroes and @matszuccarello all of a sudden is standing right next to you and engage in a nice and long talk. That’s … @velle32 @vif_hockey_bredde_og_elite #vif #hockey #icehockey #newyorkrangers #zuccarello #hockeymom @nyrangers” – translation taken from nydailynews.com


  • Class is as class does!!!

  • Why he has not received a letter is beyond me but hopefully when Stepan is moved he will.

  • Boy, now THERE’s a story!!!! What the hell happened to the Stepan we saw when he first came up? He looked like he was on his way to being a real NHL star! All of a sudden——POOP!!!
    Gotta be a story in there someplace!!!
    Unfortunately he’s not the only Ranger to poop out! We can look to Kreider as another potential star that is not working out. And there are more!!! I don’t have to name them, we know who the disappointments are!

    • Stepan leaves his compete level on the bench or with his mouth. He has no heart or pulse on the ice. They gave him a letter which was a mistake. He was supposed to lead by example. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

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