Marc Staal’s Buyout Window Is Now Open

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The New York Rangers are a team based on windows. Is Henrik Lundqvist’s window closed? Did the window as an Eastern Conference mainstay close?¬†Today, Marc Staal’s window to be bought out opens up for the 48 hours.

There has been much speculation on whether or not a move like this would behoove Jeff Gorton and the Blueshirts. Before the fans run to get their torches and pitchforks, the buyout would have to happen for a reason.


To buyout Marc Staal the team would face a dead cap hit of $2 million plus over the next four years, and that would just be for Staal, lest we forget about the Girardi buyout. So at one point the team could have $6 million of dead cap if they buyout Staal.

Why do this:

Again it’s all about windows. Buying out Staal means that the Rangers will get the immediate cap relief to go out and acquire a top two center. Basically this move would foreshadow a big trade. Buying out Staal means that the Rangers are going from another impressive offseason retool to being within striking distance of the Stanley Cup. IF this happens then the Rangers Stanley Cup window stays open for at least one more season.

Why it’s not a good move:

With everything in this world there is a cause and effect that needs to be taken into account. If Staal gets bought out and the team goes and gets a top two center, about to be in his walk year (I.E. Bozak), they won’t be able to resign said player after this season. Then fast forward to players like JT Miller, Kevin Hayes, Jimmy Vesey and Brady Skjei, eventually they will need new contracts. Would fans be happy seeing 76 leave for more money/necessity so number 18 can be bought out?

The fact is that whether this would be the right move or wrong move lies directly in the result. Should the team buyout Staal and win a cup, then it was the right move. Should they buyout Staal and fall short and handcuff themselves cap wise for the future then it was the wrong move. Also if Marc Staal is your 3rd pair left defenseman, you have a pretty good defensive team.

Moral of the story another Rangers story involves another window, and this window opening has so much impact on what the Rangers success both immediately and down the road.


  • Buying Marc out now is the dumbest idea I can think of. Sell him for a bag of pucks to whatever teams he is willing to go to. I would think Carolina is the best option for him since his brother plays there and Carolina has only one solid defenseman in Faulk who has a cap hit of 4.7 M for the next three years the rest of the defensemen for Carolina are all RFA ranging from 742.5 to 925 AAV. If anyone could use a Veteran defenseman its Carolina and I would think he would like to play with his brother more than any other team. If need be we can hold back 1 to 1.7 M in salary however then we don’t sell him for a bag of pucks and would need at least a 2nd round draft pic. Carolina also has 17.2 in cap space and could afford Marc!!!!!

    • IMO, based on previous trades of bad contracts, any team that is asked to take Staal will be demanding Buchenvich/Day/Russian Goalie whos name ill misspell in the package for a 2nd and 3rd round pick in return. This was seen with Bryan Bickell and Teuvo Teravainen from Chicago to Carolina, Dave Bolland and Lawson Crouse Florida to Arizona, I know there are others but I cant think of them.

      If there were any team that would take Staal, that seeemed reasonable on the assets given up for the team to take them or the amount of salary retained Gorton would have done that already.

    • No Carolina and Minnesota have no interest in taking a 3rd pairing dman making nearly 6 million dollars who cannot skate, pass or defend. Just because their brother is on a roster does not mean a franchise is interested in trading for him.

  • Faulk cap hit is 4.3 not 4.7

  • Rod Giacoleetch

    No buy out! Cant have that dead hit with cap uncertainty. Hopefully if/when. They trade for a centre it will include a forward going out to free up some room. There will be one too many forwards then. Minnesota or Carolina may have interest in Staal

  • Buying out Stall is not the right move financially. If we did, between Girardi and Stall, that is $6M in dead money. Who would want those handcuffs? That would seriously hurt our ability to make future deals. I say trade Stall if at all possible.

  • Staal already proved last season that he can’t be trusted in the playoffs at all. So a buyout and substitution of a 1 million 3rd pair young dman (ie Bereglazov) is a net gain financially and player wise. And there is the upside of developing a young talent.

  • Finally the Rangers organization now has a true enforcer tough guy who was signed by the Hartford Wolfpack 6 foot three 225 lb 29-year-old Eric Selleck. Let us hope that Gordon will invite him to training camp

    • A 29 yr old w 3 career NHL games is now going to be thrown into the Rangers lineup. And who had the pleasure to sit in the stands for this career AHL’er. No disrespect to Eric Selleck, I wouldn’t mind being a career AHL’er, but he has ZERO chance of making this team.

      • That’s it move over Mcilrath there’s a new “AV should give him a chance. We need toughness on this team” guy in town and his name is Eric Selleck. He’s 29 years old in the AHL how could he possibly get a spot on this team when he have so many “untouchables”. Boy oh boy some of the stuff I see coming from fans comments.

    • Rangers now favorites to win Cup due to Eric Selleck signing.

      • Gerry Cosby cannot keep up with the demand and Selleck jerseys are the hottest thing in Manhattan right now.

  • Selleck for President. i can see that Selleck jersey hanging in the rafters now. I think I heard they’re changing the plans this year Ratelle’s jersey isn’t going up anymore. It’s Selleck jersey that’s going up right in between Giacomin and Gilbert sounds about right

  • Of course the author meant a Top #1 center bc this team does NOT have a #1 center right now. Nor did they have one when Brass or Step were here. I love Zib but he has a ways to go b4 being an elite top pivot. So if by some chance Staal is bought out, time would be right to get at least one #1 C….esp since PIT has 2…..

  • Staal’s NMC is the killer, If he waives it, I would trade him and a 1st round pick for nothing, just to get him and his contract off the team. If he wont waive it, we NEED to buy him out. I dont understand why so many people think buying out Staal is the wrong move. Yes it’s a lot of dead cap space, the next 4 years it’s between 2-4 M, but, If we keep him its 5.7M for the next 4 years, he takes up a roster spot, and how many games is he going to cost us?

    Buy him out, replace him with Bereglazov, he is making .975M, its a gain in cap space. I have never seen him play, but seriously, ANYONE has to be better than Staal is now. The last 4 years are 1.4M, that’s nothing, plus the cap will be higher by then.

    Like Gerardi, there was a time Staal was a valuable part of this team, but those days are gone, and now he is a SERIOUS liability. We are stuck with the ridiculous contract Sather gave him, the time to cut this lose is NOW!

    We are close to being a serious cup contender, Staal does not improve our chances.

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