Humor: The real reason why Ranger fans hate Tanner Glass exposed!

Tanner Glass says, "SMELL MY FEET!"

Tanner Glass says, “SMELL MY FEET!”

Tanner Glass. That name brings anger and hate to so many Rangers fans. Why? Many will cite it’s his terrible fancy stats and how he is an anchor to everyone on the team. 

It’s hard to argue when you look at his possession numbers because they are terrible. For the love of Pete he is a 43.8% corsi! Listen, that isn’t good but he is only 2.7 points off of Derek Stepan’s 46.5% corsi who plays like 20 minutes a game on the top line.

I know, I know…quality of competition, usage adjusted corsi…I get, I get it! Still, all this anger for a guy who plays 9 minutes a game? I mean it just doesn’t add up.

That was until it dawned on me. Ranger fans were predisposed to dislike Tanner Glass the moment they laid eyes on him. Don’t believe me…here’ the proof!

Tebow and Glass

Tebow and Glass (FullTilt Rangers)

Tanner Glass (VanSun)

Tanner Glass (VanSun)

Tanner Glass bares a striking resemblance to one of the most hated people in America today…Tim Tebow. Let’s face it, both play(ed) professional sports for a living (not very well but still better than you). Tanner and Tim both start with the letter T. Their last names have 5 letters each and both are into thought provoking books like the Bible and How To Fight A Bear (it was actually 1984, but someone photoshopped the cover).

It doesn’t really matter because ESPN has conditioned everyone to hate Tim Tebow. Not because they hated him, but they showed Tebow running a ball highlights like 50 times a day for a few years. This is why there is such a deep rooted hate for poor Tanner Glass. It’s because he looks like him!

Now you know and sometimes understanding where that hate comes from allows you confront, understand and heal. I hope this article has helped you move on and if Tanner Glass ever scores let’s hope he brings back “Tebowing”!

Tebowing (Getty)

Tebowing (Getty)


  • I hope he does “Tebow” when/if he ever scores a goal. He should certainly ask the lord for about 10% more of the shot attempts when he’s on the ice.
    That’s my biggest problem with him.
    In the last 3 weeks Tanner Glass has had his best stretch of games. Glass has managed a 50% CF percentage at ES and 47% overall (incl PK). Not too bad for a guy getting swamped with Dzone starts. IMO the biggest reason most fans don’t like him began the day he signed his 3 year $1.45 mil contract with NYR. I thought it would be a good signing but was dead wrong. That seems to be fans issue and I noticed that he hides from cameras. When was the last time he spoke with Al between periods or after a game to the press.

  • And Tebow was hated why??? Ohhhh yeah, Caucasian, Christian, Conservative, heterosexual male. Makes sense to me, right?

    • No, I’m pretty sure it’s because he was a bad (Pro)football player, who was playing a position he was not ideally suited for, and ESPN basically became “The Tim Tebow Network.”

      • Pretty sure it was because he was a bad football player ? Get real, theres plenty of fodder in the NFL ripe for the pickings. Its because THEY ( media, Hollyweird, talk show hosts and whomever ) known that white, Christians and conservatives are fair game and the rules of political correctness do not apply to them.

  • Real Ranger fans dont hate Tanner Glass. They embrace their 4th line grinder/tough guy for what he does for they team, not these BS computer crap stats. Get off the X-Box and onto the ice. The NHL isnt a video game. I never expected Glass to score 10 goals. I expect him to keep things safe for his teammates even with the anti-fighting coach, bang a few bodies, stuff like that. I dont expect my fourth line to be as good as my first line, but these new wave Ranger “fans” expect that because thats what they do when the create their video game teams. Theres more to hockey than silly stats. Play the game at a serious level then tell me how Glass shouldnt be on the team. In all my years as a Ranger fan I never heard such negative crap about the on-ice policeman. You techies would be killing Nick Fotiu, Joey Kocur, Darren Langdon, etc. for sure…….. BLASPHEMY!!!

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