Hockey Insider, Darren Dreger reveals that Rangers’ management was upset with lack of players response when Lundqvist crushed

Eakin hits Lundqvist (MSG)

Henrik Lundqvist was literally steamrolled last night in Dallas by Cody Eakin. The Stars player will have a conference call with the NHL Department of Player Safety about the hit. The max Eakin can receive is 5 games over the phone. He’ll likely get 2-3.

Rangers Management Hot Over Lack of Rangers On Ice Response

Darren Dreger revealed on TSN Radio that he was surprised the Rangers did nothing and that management was upset as well. You can watch the interview here.

Dreger: “I was surprised the lack of reaction and response by the New York Rangers…I know that there was also some disappointment around that organization that there wasn’t more of a reaction…I’m sure that Alain Vigneault and perhaps even management have issued at least some direction to the players, look I mean this is our most prized possession, PLUS he’s a teammate we can’t gave that happen.”

AV Wants Something Done

AV is just not a fiery guy during interviews, but you could see his blood pressure was up when he discussed the hit.


  • AV’s mantra
    “The Ranger Team
    for the Lady Byng”

    • AV got criticized when he kept Tanner Glass in the lineup. Glass was brought to NY to play in the fourth line and provide protection. Now AV is criticized for not having a tough guy in the lineup. Can some fans make up the minds already

  • They won 2-0 that’s how they retaliate. He’s a grown man, in a rough game. If you can’t take the heat get off the ice.

    • It’s not as simple as that Steve. Yes winning is the ultimate revenge, agree 100% with you on that. However what happens to your star player and ultimately your team when your franchise goalie continues to get run and team doesn’t stand up for him?

      It’s like at any job site. if you are a good worker and your boss never backs you up at critical times you start asking yourself why I’m I goingvthe extra mile when my boss couldn’t care less. You either do one or two things, you shut it down or look for another where you know the boss has the back of his workers.

      Hank has been run at a ton throughout his history with the Rangers. There have been times when the team turned the other cheek, happened under Renney, Torts and AV. He has addressed it through the media a few times, you know damn well Hank was steamed when he saw his team stand pat afterwards. I’m not advocating a bench clearing brawl or someone getting injured at all. But there are times when teammates need to stand up for each other.

    • Steve it is a tough game!!! But you never allow your goalie or wnyone to get run!!!! It doesnt matter how much of a pacifist u or anyone else is!!! You have to stand up for your teammates!!! There a thing called street justice!!! and you have to show it on the ice!!! Otherwise everyone will take liberties with your players!!! No one was hurt this time!!! Next time could be different!!!

    • You obviously have never played hockey with thay comment

    • The reason you need to do something (stand up for your teammates) is so that other teams do not go out and intentionally injure your teammates. If other teams believe that you won’t protect your best players, then they will target those players and those players will get injured more. This is why Wayne Gretzky had Marty McSorley for all those years at his side. You “protect” your players so they do not get beaten up and injured by other teams……We’re very lucky this wasn’t a pyrric victory. BUT we can’t allow other teams to start going after our best players. If we do, we are going to lose them to injury and we aren’t going to do anything for the post season.

  • That hit was b.s and he deserved to get his ass whooped we will see what happens in MSG Jan 17

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