Game 5: Rangers Fall to Sens in OT

Jesper Fast opens scoring in Game 5 (Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images)

It was exciting, it was disappointing, but overall, at the end, it was a loss. Game 5 brought out every emotion – joy, elation, exasperation and finally disappointment. Not just for us fans, but for the team as well.

The first period got off to a great start with the Rangers coming out of the box and scoring two goals for a 2-0 lead. Jesper Fast scored the first goal off a beauty of a cross feed from Hayes, right in front of Anderson.

Just 1:06 later, Holden scored to make it 2-0.

Ottawa, knowing that they had to step up or face another significant loss, cut the lead in half when Stone scored less than a minute later.

Ottawa Leads the Second

Ottawa wasn’t to be outdone, stepping up their game in the second period. They managed to take the lead for a short period of time with goals from Mike Hoffman and Tom Pyatt before Ryan McDonagh showed up with a timely goal to tie the game at 3-3.

He also doled out a beautiful hip check to Stalberg, the former Rangers’ 4th liner.

Crumbling in the Third

The third period was a lot of back and forth, with both teams trying to outdo the other and score that go-ahead goal. It didn’t come until 12:48 into the third when Vesey tapped it past the goal line into Andersen’s glove. Originally waved off as a no-goal, it was overturned as the camera clearly showed it going over the line before Andersen gloved it up.

Unfortunately, Big Game Brass, as Derick Brassard is known (not so affectionately anymore), scored the tying goal with 1:26 left to go in the third. With a pileup in the crease, it banked off Tanner Glass’ foot then Brendan Smith’s and just past Lundqvist’s reach.

Overtime was a mix of emotions with Grabner scoring, then having it waved off as a high-stick goal. Turris put the OT winner past Hank not too long after.

Both teams fought hard, Ottawa just ended up fighting harder and got the OT goal they needed to seal the win. It also seems that the Rangers have finally taken into account that while they may be old buddies, that has no place in the playoffs. Brassard was jumped by Girardi and Staal at different times in the game for messing with Zuccarello (yes, I know they’re best buds), and Hank respectively, when he took extra swipes.

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over, Folks

A lot of people on social media are giving Glass flak, Girardi flak, and Lundqvist flak, but the truth is sometimes this is just the way the chips fall. It’s very easy to get down and start saying they’ve lost, but the reality is, they haven’t lost until they’ve lost 4.

Right now, they’re down 3-2, but it’s not the first time they’ve ever been down and not out. Believe in them, have faith, and show up on Tuesday to root for them if you can, even if it’s in front of your television set. Don’t quit on them, because I believe we’ll see that they haven’t quit yet either. Send positive energy that our team will live to see Game 7, and move onto the ECF.


  • Both games that went into overtime loses the onus is on the coaching staff. Putting out Holden, Staal & Stepan the worst defensive players on the team led to loses. If A.V. doesn’t get fired after these playoffs Arniel (worst pp in playoffs) and Beuk (have been collapsing all season at end of games) should be fired. We gave away two games in this series because of coaching staff. In case you didn’t notice Staal was on top of Lundquist when the tying goal was scored.

    • It’s not the coaching staffs fault that Karlsson’s shot from behind the goal line went in for the game winning goal in game 1. It wasn’t AV’s fault that a 60 foot unscreened shot beat Hank short side in game2 or Hank sliding out of position to attempt to save a shot by Phaneuf that was 10 feet wide leaving him out of position on Mark Stone’s goal in game 3. Was it the coaching staff that gave the puck away leading to ottawa’s 1st goal yesterday? Did AV give up a goal from above the face off dot between the legs?

      Let’s get real here, yeah Holden and Staal have had a rough series. They are not going to sit for 60 mins? Nor is Klein and a combination of Clendenning and Kampfer replacing them. The reason why this series isn’t over with the Rangers advancing is because a rash of soft goals in each game at Ottawa given up by Hank. There have been times that Hank was the sole reason why this team had advanced in previous years, but in this series he has been down right awful in Ottawa. The other day theee was a post saying Hank deserves more. Well guess what after yesterday there should be a post about how the Rangers deserve more. I’m saying Raanta should be playing or Hank should have been pulled but Karlsson’s goal was inexcusable and this coaching staff had the Rangers with a 2 goal lead with 3 mins to play in game 2 and a 1 goal lead with a min and half to go in game 5. The Rangers have scored 9 goals in their last 2 loses and if Hank was just average they win both of those games. Hank has reaped the accolades from the fans because he’s earned them but in this series he deserves criticism because he’s earned them. Way too many gifts were handed out to Ottawa and it’s not even close to Christmas.

      I still believe they will win this series because they have dominated play this entire series. They have been behind for roughly 20-25 minutes the entire series. This series should be over. Hank needs to step up and stop giving up goals that a caliber of goalie he is does not give up during the playoffs.

      • Even yesterday’s game winner, could his 5 hole be any wider? That 5 hole would alleviate Manhattan traffic congestion

      • All I am saying is the right players need to be on the ice at end of game and Staal, Holden and Stepan are not the players to be trusted in last three minutes of the game, If the coaches don’t see that then they are the ones that should be removed from this team. Hank doesn’t have to be head accountable on his own for wins & loses. This is a team game and the anchor is a coaching staff that does not learn lessons from what happens. This team has given up late goals all season and the trend still exists in the playoffs. These are the facts that you need to examine.

        • Players do need to be accountable. Kreider has lost his playoff scoring touch, Miller has been downright awful and is now nothing more than a 4th line player, Kevin Hayes should change his name to Kevin Malaise. And Hank needs to be held accountable too. Can’t say Hank can’t because it’s a team game and then call out Holden, Staal and Step. And those three do deserve criticism.

        • Girardi and Mac were on the ice for the tying goal in game 2 when we blew the 2 goal lead and Staal and Smith were in for yesterday’s tying goal. But with the way the puck bounced off so many players I can’t really blame them. But overall I think the players should be accountable for the play on the ice. AV has plugged so many guys into spots that led to wins but I never see any comments on that.

  • i blame AV for not playing Brady and Smith in the OT ONCE AGAIN!! Hes gotta go!! Trusting your veterans isnt a good reply when you lose a game like this!! you need guys fresh on the ice at all times—-ITS THE F’IN PLAYOFFS!! Play everyone equally and youll get a win instead of guys who run out of gas much quicker when you only play 2 of the 3 defensive lines!! Stepan and Staal have to go 1000%!! Stepan cant win a faceoff to save his life and Staal is just lost hands down!! AV MUST GO IF WE LOSE AT HOME AND/OR IN OT AND KEEP BRADY AND SMITH ON BENCH!!

    • Not playing in ot? You do realize that Girardi & Mcd were on the 4th shift in ot. Skjei/Smith and Holden/Staal each had 3 shifts each in ot. AV didn’t sit Smith and Skjei at all during the overtime session.

      • Mike, I’m convinced that all the fans that don’t like AV will always point to him after a lose. We can second guess any coach at times. There’s things he’s done that I didn’t agree with but first of all I’m not a coach and he is. He’s a good coach im my opinion. When have we ever seen the rangers score this many goals in the playoffs? Never that’s when. It looks like Ottawa has gotten all the bounces in Ottawa and we got ours at the garden. If Hank could get back to the way he plasgainst Montreal we would be on our way to the conference finals already. It’s funny though that when we lose the talk is about AV but when we win it’s about the players.

        • Completely agree. AV is a very good coach that for some reason a portion of this fan base can’t stand.

  • What gets me is we’ve been one of the best teams in hockey since AV got here. They can’t be hating him for not winning a cup or they would have to hate every coach they’ve ever seen the rangers have other then Keenan. I see complaints about going out in the first round last year but look who we lost to. I just wonder what they’ll say when we get a good defense back and win the cup with AV. I really hope some of these big kids we signed like Bereglazov and Graves will make the difference.

    • Keanan would have been roasted on this site. He was a coach that “couldn’t win” before he got to NY. The disastrous 1st month plus that the 94 team got off to would have crashed this site. How was he with playing younger players and over relying on veterans. Guys like Tony Amonte were psychologically destroyed by Keanan. I would love to have seen the reaction to Richter getting pulled, Leetch getting benched and losing 2 in a row to go down 3-2 to the Devils also. And let’s be honest about Keanan too, people seem to forget how he singlehandedly almost cost this the Rangers the 94 cup by his antics and quest to get the Red Wings job. He was so good he was ran out of New York by MSG and Rangers management and I’m sure the players weren’t upset.

      AV should get a lot of credit for having the best 4 yr run this team has seen in its 90 year franchise.

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