What to expect from Chris Kreider next season

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Chris Kreider has the capability to be the best player on the ice every single shift. His strength and shot should make him the best New York Rangers forward. His size and physicality make him an asset on the defensive side of the puck as well. Add in his speed and we are now talking about a 200-foot player, right? Not exactly.

Kreider is seen as a very gritty, very talented fan favorite. On paper, his skill set leaves little to be desired. Unfortunately, the game is not played on paper. By no means does a stat line of 28 G, 25 A, 53 P and a +6 rating symbolize a bad season. As a matter of fact, the Blueshirts saw a career year from number 20 last season and at times, it looked like Kreider put it all together. But it still begs the question; who is Chris Kreider and what can the New York Rangers look to get out of him?

Keys to his game:

As stated previously, the skill level of Kreider is very hard to match. One could make the argument he is the most talented member of the New York Rangers. However, Kreider is about to enter his sixth NHL season and fans still wonder when he will take that next step into stardom. For some reason, he has not done so yet and quite frankly it is from inconsistency. He just isn’t the same player, not just season to season or day to day, but shift to shift.

His talent level should bring him to 30 goals every year. Last year was his first year of more than 21 goals. Rangers fans saw it in the playoffs, the expectation and reality have been far apart for Kreider. In the postseason, Kreider became very quiet and often times was not skating at full tilt. Late in game five against Montreal and in game six versus Ottawa is where Kreider showed his talents and it led to production.

Dreams and reality: 

With the loss of perennial 20 goal scorer Derek Stepan, the Rangers will look for several players to take the ‘next step’ and Kreider is one of those players. Should he continue to grow an expectation of 30 goals is realistic.

A dream would be that Kreider puts it all together and amasses a 65+ point season. The team has seen plenty of clutch moments with Kreider. Big moments yield big expectations, and it’s time to live up to the expectations.

The most important thing is that Kreider grows as a player. Should he grow and finally become consistent, then he will become a dangerous player for this team. He needs to use his skills every shift for the Rangers to have a productive first line.


  • Rod Giacoleetch

    I expect nothing less than a Cam Neely type player with Kreider. I think he would flourish under a coach who would give him more physical leeway. NYR has to stick with him, his mix of talents are rare. If he can hit 5th gear every night, hed be very special. On O, do you want him in front of the net or speeding around the zone looking for seams, it may be confusing for him have attributes to fo both

  • Fire A.V. now

  • Kreider’s talents were wasted with the millstone around his neck named Stepan. If AV has enough sense(doubtful) to leave Kreider with Z & Boosh all season, Kreider will easily score 30+ goals.

  • Potential, Potential, Potential, That’s what he is. However he is a head case. He is one of those players in sports that has you saying WOW one day and where is he the next day. I have been saying this for 2 years now. If the Rangers are smart they should trade him while he’s still got the “Potential” label on him and his value is high. I’ve been a fan of this sport for almost 60 years and have seen players like him before. All the talent in the world but weak between the ears. Imagine what he would be like with Zucc’s brain in his body. TRADE HIM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! We could get a top line center for him.

    • SHOOT THE PUCK, BARRY DRIVE THE EFFING NET CHRIS…..It drives me crazy when he stops and tries to pass the puck…Ihave you beat. Ranger fan since 1955!!!!! Stay healthy!!!

  • The line with Buch, Zib and Kreids was simply dominating early last season. Injuries kept them from being 1 of the top lines in the NHL. Couldn’t agree more though that Kreider has the potential to be an All Star and a dominant physical player. He needs to be allowed to freelance and use his talents.

  • Nice to hear from a couple of old farts like myself! 77!now, saw my first game at the old Garden when I was 16 and still in high school! Been bleeding Ranger blue since then.
    I agree with both of you– Kreider is a HUGE disappointment, especially considering his potential. He’s joined the “underperforming, overrated” category! We sure DON’T need another player like that on the team!

    • NICE…..I was at the Jacques Plante “mask” game…Side Balcony!!!!!And we bought our roller hockey equipment at Gerry Cosby’s Jackson Heights Hawks. Best Roller hockey Organization ever!!!

  • It’s funny how you guys that have been around for a long time both say the same thing as me. Now I’ve only been watching the rangers since 68 or so lol but seriously Kreider is definitely one of those “coulda been great” players. He is great on some nights and players don’t score every game but you can’t tell me he’s skating at 100% and giving it his all when he flys up ice and has his guy beat just to stop and float around looking to pass the puck. I don’t get fans blaming the coach and saying “he should be aloud to do this or that”. AV is not telling him slow down or you can’t go here or there. If that were the case he wouldn’t be great on any night. I’ve seen these type of players myself in all sports and even played with guys that just didn’t feel like playing hard that day. I wish he had the attitude that says “I’m not losing no matter what” cause the guys with that attitude always exceed expectations instead of not reaching expectations. I like Kreider but he has to take a leader mentality now more then ever and I’m not sure he has that in him.

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