How different will the Rangers look by the end of Wednesday’s trade deadline?

The Rangers are a good hockey team, regardless of what some naysayers continue to spout on blogs or social media. You can’t with a straight face say that this team is horrible just because you don’t like Dan Girardi or Marc Staal on defense. It’s silly!

This team has the sixth most points in the NHL with 82 points, just 7 points shy of league leading Washington. It boasts great young talent like Brady Skjei, J.T. Miller, Kevin Hayes, Jimmy Vesey, and Pavel Buchnevich. The mix of youth and vets is a winning formula that could win the Cup with a fortunate (healthy) run as easily as any other team currently in the playoff picture. And Lundqvist….that helps.

What Do They Need?

There are two distinct areas that stand out for improvement and they are somewhat related.


The Rangers need to add a PP QB on the blue-line. They simply lack a defenseman with the vision and the shot to engineer a successful PP. Enter in Kevin Shattenkirk. This is the defenseman that fits the bill for the Rangers this season.

Shattenkirk (Getty)

Of course, will the Rangers be able to get him by Wednesday? From everything I’ve learned from my sources to all the information out there, it looks very likely. It does boil down to who blinks first and if another team is willing to fork over the 1st round pick and prospect without any guarantee Shattenkirk will sign before free agency this summer.

I highly doubt it and that means St. Louis will take a good package from the Rangers and make sure they get something for the 28 year old offensive defenseman. The package will likely be very fair too, possibly Lindberg and Klein which the Rangers can afford to part with.

Beefing Up for Playoffs

Another area I think the Rangers will try and improve is size on the 3rd and 4th lines. Alex Burrows is a name that just won’t go away and he could be had for a mid to low draft pick. The move makes sense to address that issue.

Listen, whether you believe in the “grit” and “toughness” factor or not…it is a real factor in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Sure, you don’t want one dimensional skaters who are out there to just hit and fight, which is why you target those tough agitators that can actually play.

The playoffs are a physical grind and it takes a toll on everyone. The objective is to be able to be the aggressor in a series. Just because you have the better skaters doesn’t mean you will win a series. You got a glimpse of that yesterday when a lesser talented Columbus team just played really physical and bent the Rangers to their will. In a seven game series, every hit takes a toll and wearing down the opposition’s defense could be the difference in winning or losing a game 7.

So, whether it is Burrows or not the Rangers will be looking to add a player like that to this team as well.

The deadline is Wednesday but I believe the answers (including Shattenkirk) will be answered today or tomorrow.


  • As long as they dont overpay like the Wild did for Hanzal. If Armstrong is expecting more cause what someone paid for a 3rd line walk away.

    • You can now include Toronto giving up a 2nd rounder and a player for a 4th line center pending UFA Brian Boyle. It’s def a sellers market.

  • The Rangers do not need Alex Burrows. It seems like people are just grasping at names that never made sense before just be aside it’s close to the deadline. I rather have the likes of Pumple, Buch, Fast, Grabner, Vesey and Lindberg fulling the roles of the 4th line depending on matchups. And would take all of them over Burrows in the lineup any day of the week.

  • No way do you over pay for Shattenkirk when you can have him for nothing July 1st. As for a forward, as long as it doesnt involve higher than a 3rd round pick, Burrows has a mean streak that could help in the playoffs. Heres a thought though, With Stepan playing so horribly why not move Lindberg up to play with Nash & Zuc and put Step on the 4th line with Fast & Grabner. He’s supposedly sound defensively so why not? Lindberg has played almost better than everyone on the team!

    • Can we stop and get back to reality? Lindberg on the 1st line?????? I know February had wacky weather but this takes the cake. All of a sudden a player with 4 goals in 45 games should be our top line center.

      Step since Jan 1, 2017 has 13 points ranking 5 in forwards behind Miller (21), Grabner (16), Zuc (15), Hayes (15) and tied w Kreider (13). Lindberg has 5 points in his last 18 games. His play has been nice the last 2-3 games but let’s stop with the silliness. I understand people think Step is over paid but he’s still 3rd in points on this team only 4 back from the team lead. The day Oscar Lindberg is a top line center is the day that team is playing for a higher chance for a lottery pick.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I can’t get over how many fans just go by whether or not the guy scored a goal or they go game to game with their opinions. Put Step on the 4th line and Oscar on the top line. That is pretty funny.

  • I don’t know if anyone has talked about this, but IF the rangers can get shattenkirk for a reasonable price is there a way to come to an agreement and avoid him going to free agency? I mean if this guy truly wants to be a ranger then he should be willing to work something out. Reason being that I don’t belive the rangers are a cup contender yet so I don’t want a playoff rental. If that’s all this is then I would rather they pass on him.

    • Trading for Shattenkirk as a rental would actually cost you less in a trade than doing a sign and trade. Tampa were rumored to have a deal set with the Blues with a contract extension but Shattenkirk turned down their 7 yr 42 million dollar deal. Toronto has been rumored to be in it with a sign and trade as well.

      I think Shattenkirk is a major cap liability to this team going forward and want no part of him. Brady Skjei has turned into a real offensive force so why shouldn’t the Rangers go after a much cheaper option like Cody Franson and sure up their defensive play with a guy like Brendan Smith?

  • Rangers need a gritty forward like a Simmonds and\or another Dman, I don’t think Clendening fits the bill. You have to give to get, maybe Burrows would be a cheaper get but his play has diminished plus he has to get all the Rangers he maimed to forgive him. The 3\4 line Swedes have some chemistry now

  • So much for teams not overpaying!!!!!! If Brian Boyle, a pending UFA, gets a 2nd rounder & a player, you can only imagine what the other teams are going to ask for in regards to their players on the market!!!!!

  • THANK GOD, Alex Burrows traded to Ottawa. Jordie Benn to Montreal. I guess on Wednesday we will be enthralled with 10 hours of TSN’s Nick Kpryos and Glen Healy telling the viewers of Corey Hirsch stories again!

  • trade for justin faulk instead. The guy is a similar player, 4 years younger and on the block.

    • I would love to have Justin Faulk. He’s 24 and a big strong guy that would be so nice to see knocking guys on their asses in front of the net instead of that poking sticks at the puck like we got now.

  • I agree. Now that Shattenkirk is minutes away from becoming a Capital, Go all in for Faulk. The dream would be to get Staal to agree to a trade to be with his brother, but that wont happen, so send Klein, Pirri, Pumpel, our 1st, and a prospect, or Ottawa’s 2nd from next year, then we add Shattenkirk on July 1st

    • I highly doubt that offer is anywhere close to what Faulk is worth. Trading for Faulk would take one of our “untouchables” plus pick and prospects.

    • If you had Justin Faulk on your team would you accept Klein, Pirri and Pumpel? You woundnt accept 2 nightly scratches and a dman on the decline for your best player.

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