Tanner Glass WILL PLAY tonight in Tampa based on extras skate this AM

Photo credit: NY Post

Tanner Glass will replace Matt Puempel against the Lightning tonight. After another lackluster and timid performance against an Eastern Conference playoff team, Alain Vigneault will go with adding a spark to his placid lineup.

I do think that pulling Adam Clendening as well for Steven Kampfer may be a bit rash. Listen, I understand that Clendening is a nightmare in his own zone but the Rangers have struggled to score and he can help provide some of that at least.

Did Lundqvist’s Comments add the Final Straw?

Steve Zipay brought forth a very interesting comment to my attention from Henrik Lundqvist.

“It’s the mindset to will yourself to win battles all over the ice. I think this game is all about battles, and that’s been the biggest difference in our last four games — winning the battles all over the ice, in front of the net, along the boards. Then I need to come up with the big save when I have to. We need to have more desperation than the other team.”

In that game versus Montreal, Lundqvist received a stick to the throat (courtesy of Brady Skjei) and got hit by Brenden Gallagher…again. Enough is enough. Teams know that if Lundqvist is zoned in he’s impossible to beat. They also know that a few good bumps can get him off his game as well.

Those comments may seem innocuous to some, but to me they scream “GET ME SOME DAMN PROTECTION”! It wouldn’t surprise me that AV and Gorton realizing they failed to land an Alex Burrows, Dwight King, or Steve Ott at the deadline so they went to the only player in the organization that could help Hank.


  • Can anyone remember a guy named McIirath?
    Young, strong, more potential than either of the two playing tonite!
    I’d LOVE to know the REAL reason he was given away! Maybe, just maybe, there was one!
    Being an old fart, I also remember a kid named Del Zotto— same deal– gave him away, and last time I checked, he was playing fine for Philly.
    And there are others I could name that were traded away and are still doing fine in the NHL. Maybe not first line d men, but certainly not scrubinos either!
    Seems the Rangers, for some reason, give up on young defenseman too soon, and keep old defense men too long!!!
    ( And expect young defencemen to be GREAT defensemen by the time they are still in their early 20’s)
    Just can’t figure their management’s decisions.

    • You are so right. McIlrath played 37 games last year & he was alright for a rookie D, stood up for his teammates & was a great locker room presence according to Raanta. So they give him away for crap like Kampfer. What are they thinking? I’ve been a Ranger fan for over 60 years & I never disliked a coach as much as I dislike AV. HE SUCKS!!!

    • Del Zotto is a nightly scratch for PHI. That was a great trade when they acquired Klein for him. Get a clue.

    • James,

      Mcilrath was not going to play enough games to for him to not become an unrestricted free agent. It was shown that he wasnt going to get much time, so I feel the Rangers did right by him by sending him somewhere to get a shot at playing, which he didnt show that he could for that coach either playing only 5 games since he was traded in November.

      MDZ on the other hand forced his hand into the lineup by an awesome rookie camp at 18, then had a stellar rookie season. The dreaded sophomore slump hit him hard as expectations were high and he became the popular defensive whipping boy (theres always one, we could have team Canada’s defense and someone would still be in the dog house). Up until this season, the MDZ/Klein swap has worked good for us bringing in some toughness and solid defensive work.

      Its funny Mcilrath was drafted to be the Buekeboom for MDZ needed. When in fact they should have drafted Fowler to be MDZ’s Zubov.

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