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The NHL and The Olympics


If you are a hockey fan of a certain age, you have seen professionals and non-professionals representing their respective countries. Perhaps the greatest moment in Winter Olympic history came in 1980 when 25 college kids shocked the world, by defeating the Soviet powerhouse. And amateur players were the standard for the Olympics until 1998. Only since then has the NHL sent its players to the Olympic games. But while everyone is out arguing for and against, let’s look at what they are fighting about.
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Doughty Powers Canada, Wins Group B

You can't do that Rick!

You can’t do that Rick!

Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings scores both team Canada goals, which included the overtime winner 2-1.

Tight Close Game
This game lived up to the hype of being a close tight game. The top two teams in group B brought out the best in each other, and for awhile, it seemed like it honestly could go either way. Yet, with the Finnish only having 7 shots the rest of the game, just showed how defensively sound the Canadian team was going to be during the game.

Lack of Offense for Canada
Canada has held its own just fine during the round robin stages, but their lack of offense will hurt them in the later rounds. Avalanche forward Matt Duchene has blamed it on the bigger ice surface, but we see other teams with NHL players succeed. Just look at the United States. The offense needs to happen and happen now.

Rick Nash Update
Rick Nash only played 7:18 today with 2 shots, and only played sporadically throughout the game. He was involved with a no goal call, after his stick was clearly over the crossbar of the Finnish goal. Other than that he sporadically on the ice.

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