Rangers to send Chytil home soon

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The Rangers will be sending rookie Filip Chytil back home to play in the Czech Republic. By claiming Adam Cracknell off waivers, and Jesper Fast moving along nicely in his recovery, Chytil is no longer needed.

It’s For The Best

Chytil played in 2 games for the Rangers this season and totaled only 13 shifts for an underwhelming 6:20 of ice time. In other words, what was the point?

Alain Vigneault has a low tolerance, if not a disdain for rookies and the mistakes they make.  What was supposed to be a 9 game showcase of his talent, turned into what most expected. A pitiful misuse of a young talented center with a short leash and a quick hook to the bench in his first two games. The charade finally ended when Chytil was scratched last night versus the Habs.

What’s Next

The Rangers may wait a game or two before sending him home. Vinni Lettieri could get a look before Jesper Fast makes his return. Skating pain free and taking some contact, Fast may be ahead of schedule.

“If I feel ready, I will go,” Fast told the NY POST. “It’s just [up to] the docs and medical [staff]. Some players are struggling if they have been going on too early and stuff. They want to be sure that I’m ready to go and I don’t want to get any pain coming back. So they want to be clear that I’m 100 percent when I get back.”

No matter what happens next, the best thing was for Chytil to get out of town and start playing substantial minutes again.


  • Bill Hartenstine

    Why have him make the team only to beat the hell out of him? Was it a punishment? Team gave up 5 goals with him sitting on the bench. Could he be worse. U don’t learn sitting on the bench and having to look over ur shoulder when he was briefly on the ice.

    • Beat the hell out of him? What are you talking about? Not one person on the coaching staff not without the organization has said one word about this kid in a negative tone. Here is a news flash, he wasn’t going to play with the Rangers all 82 games. People were making ridiculous statements like he will terrorize the nhl and goalies for years to come off his pre season performance against AHL players and ECHL goalies. Rangers gave up 12 goals, 11 with a goalie in net, in their 1st 6 periods this season. And the fans are mad at a coach for sitting a 18 yr rookie to prevent starting the season 0-3? The Rangers made a grave mistake by playing Manny Malhotra as a rookie instead of letting him play in juniors in every situation to gain valuable experience. It hasn’t worked out, for whatever the reason, it would be a travesty to keep in up just for the sake of keeping him up. Get him to his junior team or Swiss team and have him play top line minutes in every situation. The expectations some people put in certain Ranger players is beyond belief.

  • The only thing I don’t like about AV is his use of rookies and the unforgiving mistakes a rookie will make. DeAngelo better watch out he’s next!!!! Wrong move AV that is not how you treat a rookie!!!!!!

    • Not how you treat a rookie? EVERY coach benches rookies after they have made a mistake on the ice. Especially when it leads to a goal. Where was this vitriol when Kreider was glued to the 4th line or when he was sent to the minors by Torts. Oh that’s right back then it was just part of the process for a young player. Enough with the not playing bs, I’ve asked dozens of times and the ones who cry about AV not trusting rookies to name me a coach that does. It’s old and starting to sound very childish.

  • I dont know about anyone else but the blanket statements like AV doesnt trust rookies is getting old. Please name me a coach on a playoff team (cause thats what they are suppossed to be), that doesnt sit rookies when they mess up without using a coach that has a generational talent as an example.

    We heard it with Duclair, who then sat for the Coyotes last year; with McIlrath who then was waived in Florida and now Detroit; wheres Clendenning? Now were hearing it with an 18 year old, 21 first overall pick that was considered off the board when selected.

    If you cant name a coach that does it, then argue it the other way. Tell me what Chytil did to deserve the minutes without using the hes a rookie he needs to adjust.

    • Kris I agree with 1000%. My God is old. I’ve asked the same question with no response. Everyone is making Chytil to be a hall of famer that’s being wronged by a know nothing coach. You had people on this site saying he was going to terrorize NHL goalies for years to come off his pre season. Did they not notice the lack of NHL’ers on the ore season rosters whe Chytil was playing? But then again they were probably the same fans who thought McIlrath was an NHL defensemen? I guess Florida is run by a bunch of nitwits too. Clendenning, another perennial all star that was sat because AV didn’t know anything. 5 other NHL teams had seen enough to know he wasn’t part of their plans either, But AV is to blame for that. I’m surprised nobody has blamed AV for kanishes being burned or the fries not being crisp enough during home games.

      • Mike,

        Not just people on this site as I read others as well as twitter. Be ready cause tonight Tony D is getting sat. Our fan base acts like every youth player is a stud in the making.

        The argument of saying Chytil didnt have time to prove himself because he was stapled to the bench have to realize, the mistakes that have him sitting arent just pointed out in games. They are pointed out in practice, in preseason, and training camp. If they are continuing to make those mistakes then they arent ready for the NHL. This is the same for all players that get the AV doesnt trust kids defense.

        Two points in October are just as important as two points in March/April.

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