Why I Am Embarrassed To Be a Rangers Fan Today

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I’m not usually one to speak out about stuff like this, but it really bothered me last night. Sitting next to me at MSG was a man who was taking notes on the game. Today I found out that it was the Pittsburgh Penguins’ general manager, Jim Rutherford. And there is nothing wrong with what he was doing. But on the other side of the aisle were a few drunk and rude Rangers fans who were taunting the man, calling him KGB, a spy, and Nazi. And because of all of this harassment, Mr. Rutherford picked up his stuff and walked away from the situation.

As someone who has been living and breathing Rangers hockey since birth, I was appalled at the behavior I witnessed. It is one thing to jeer the players, the coaches or the referees. But when you start going after a man peacefully sitting in his seat, minding his own business and doing his job, you have crossed the line.

I’d like to apologize to Mr. Rutherford for the way he was treated last night. It was unacceptable and not the behavior that Rangers fans should be exhibiting, and I was a bit embarrassed sitting there. The excuse of “they were drunk” shouldn’t be tolerated here. There are certain ways to behave, and for grown adults who should know better, it was disgusting to see.


  • the general manager of Pittsburgh was in the house last night probably scouting either us or Ottawa for the eastern conferece finals to get an idea what he will be up against I see Pittsburgh finishing up tomorrow and us finishing on tuesday

  • I agree with you 100% It’s embarrassing to fans and the team when idiots behave like that. When does the stupid chant going to end. It’s ridiculous. They are chanting about a man who’s been retired for over 20 years. Show some class and stop embarrassing all of us!

  • Why didn’t you report these right wing Trump like morons to security? You can’t go around calling someone a Nazi or diminishing their looks or playing out harassing him. And also being intoxicated.

    • What does Trump or being right wing have anything to do with what happened last night? And to assume someone calling someone a Nazi is a right wing person, clearly someone needs to brush up on their history.

      • As someone who has lived in Montreal for a number of years and also someone that lived in Tel Aviv for five years ,yes I think I have a pretty pretty good grasp . And from seeing a lot of the scum bags that go to the Trump rally’s and leave and think they could beat up every single minority or someone that thinks differently than them or says there a patriot and will do whatever it takes to eliminate a certain political person they’re pretty much a scumbag then in my humble opinion but what do I know🤷‍♂️ I’m just someone who watches CNN

        • What are you talking about? The left has a history of racist behavior, ever hear of the KKK or Neo Nazis, slavery and fighting to keep minorities or women from having simple rights such as voting. Every ethnic race that ever came to America had to deal with the left who didn’t want them here. I’m not going into politics on this site but you should get a history book.

          • First off number one the first woman to run for president and have an affiliation to a party was Shirley Chisholm ( A black woman )Democrat 1972 .Number two ,didn’t the grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan endorse a Republican this year also didn’t the head of the neo Nazi movement came out and identified Captain TicTac Donald Trump you as someone that they can relate too.please check CNN or MSNBC for your fact checks please


  • Lots of punters back at MSG.

  • But did you peek to see what he was observing?

  • By all means am I giving these morons any support but to say you are embarassed to be a Ranger fan is a bit much. Today there are a ton of sport teams that have problems with their fans behavior, Pens are dealing with a woman who said she was raped in a bathroom during game 4. The Flyers and Philadelphia have a history of miscredants reeling havoc at the home arenas and stadiums. The Red Sox have had a history of reprehensible behavior by their fans and Adam Jones recently had to endure racist comments and objects thrown at him. You will always have a bunch of nitwits who are there just to consume as much alcohol as possible, reporting them is the only way to rid the Garden of these mental midgets. The have Rangers Security alerted could have possibly put these idiots on a permanent ban just like the Red Sox fan who was reported to their security for screaming racist comments.
    MSG used to be a complete zoo to go to for games especially when the Flyers and Bruins came to town but as a whole it has become a more family friendly place.

    • Personally, I was a little embarrassed. I agree that that every team has their issues with alcohol consuming fans and the things they say. Like I said in the post I am not one to go over to security and have people thrown out. The fact that Jim Rutherford didn’t do so says a lot about his character, but boy was he upset. At one point he whispered something into the ear of the fan before changing his seat for the remainder of the game

      • Probably told the fan, “you may have a wedding ring but I have 2 Stanley Cup rings have another beer”

        • haha. I wish. After the Holden goal, Mr. Rutherford stormed out of his seat, said something to the fan and walked away. The fan was literally in his ear taunting him

  • James Kucinski

    I do agree that the behavior of a few is unacceptable. Let’s leave politics out of this. It takes ALL types of fans to unite and be part of the Blueshirt Brotherhood. Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  • It doesn’t surprise me. I remember when the garden was like a zoo too, back in the 70’s n 80’s when I used to go more often to games. But while it may be much nicer now there’s still always idiots in every crowd and if Ranger fans can yell stupid stuff at Tanner Glass when a few Rangers we’re giving autographs then it don’t surprise me at all to hear this. Telling Glass they don’t want his autograph and that he stinks and wish he was traded was such an embarrassment to the rest of the Ranger fans. I wonder what they’re saying about him now.

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