Character and Toughness, Tanner Glass call up may be coming

Eakin crushes Lundqvist (

BOOM! The scene is played over and over on every highlight show. Social media sites like Twitter are littered with gifs and video clips of Henrik Lundqvist getting demolished by  the Stars’ Cody Eakin. The lasting image of Lundqvist’s artistically painted helmet floating though the air while his body contorts and whips around until he lands on knees are forever captured. As is the image of not a single Rangers player making Eakin or one of his teammates pay for what he had done.

The NHL As The New Enforcer

Steve Zipay tweeted out that any Ranger who jumped Eakin would’ve received an instigator penalty and been thrown out. He stated that the NHL acted as the enforcer here by giving Eakin a 5 minute major, throwing him out of the game and handing him a 4 game suspension.

Well that’s all well and good coming from a beat writer but he isn’t in the fox hole. I’m sorry but if you don’t think that there is some dissension in that locker room over the lack of a response, you’re kidding yourself.

One reader said it best to another as to why a Ranger should’ve responded. He used the analogy of being at a bar and getting sucker punched while your friends watch and keep on dancing. Talk about spot on.

Sorry Steve and those that think like him…but having the NHL slap Eakin on the wrist is no substitute for sending an on ice message to him and the rest of the league that Lundqvist or any Ranger is not to be messed with.

Glass (J. Schepis/twitter)

The Rangers Organization Was Not Happy

As I wrote yesterday, Darren Dreger when discussing the hit mentioned that many in the Rangers organization were unhappy with the lack of reaction by the players. He also noted that management may give the team direction on what they need to do about it next time.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard some rumblings that the Rangers had discussed possibly calling up Tanner Glass before, this may have pushed them over the edge. If not soon, then possibly before the Stars come to town on January 17th.

Tanner Glass Gives the Rangers Locker Room A Huge Character Boost

Captain, Ryan McDonagh heaped praise at Glass when he was here. He appreciated what he did for the room and how he comes to the aid of teammates on the ice. The Rangers captain is talking from experience too. Does everyone remember when Wayne Simmonds sucker punched McDonagh? Glass said after the team’s practice, “You’ve just got to let (Simmonds) know it’s not going to be tolerated. He’ll know.”

Then there was the incident where Matt Beleskey hit Stepan a few feet away from the boards and broke his ribs. It was Dylan McIlrath who immediately grabbed Beleskey and handed him an old fashioned beating. Tanner Glass was not with the team at the time, but was called up soon after.

In their first meeting with Boston, Glass delivered 10 hits…I repeat…10 hits to any Bruin he could find. The game was close, so he didn’t exact revenge on Beleskey and the Rangers won 2-1. Still, Glass didn’t forget and when the teams met again for the last time, he reminded Beleskey that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Alain Vigneault delivered him high praise as well

After the game you can tell the coach was pretty happy. “In that Boston game, right off the bat, big, physical check and responded by dropping the mitts. When you’re a teammate and you see that one of your teammates has that role and does it and does it continually, just makes you want to go out there, and you perform to your role and make sure you’re doing your job.”

For the record, Alain Vigneault isn’t the pacifist many believe he is. In his very brief NHL career of 42 regular season games, he had 7 fights and one was against Boston tough guy, Terry O’Reilly. He also accumulated 2 fighting majors in 4 playoffs games.

So this should give some light to those who don’t seem to understand why AV appreciates a player like Tanner Glass.

Glass Working His Way Back

In a recent article by the Hartford Courant, Tanner Glass stated clearly he wants to play in the NHL again, either with the Rangers or another team.

“It was tough to hear [that the Rangers were sending him down],” Glass said. “It has nothing to do with anything I had done or because I wasn’t meeting expectations. When you know the situation is out of your control it can be difficult, but I have not resigned myself to being in the AHL the entire season. I still think I have good games and good years ahead of me and I am hopeful of getting the next promotion from the Rangers or someone else.”

Wolf Pack coach, Ken Gernander spoke glowingly of Glass the player and in particular his character.

“It’s in the way he carries himself. It might be a pat on the back, a word of encouragement, maybe even some correction and teaching. He’s just been excellent. I would say his most dominant characteristic as a player is his character. That’s a great lesson for our guys here. He’s a real good guy, What he does on the ice exemplifies what kind of person he is.”

That return as I mentioned earlier could be imminent and not only does it make sense, it comes with more positives than negatives. Tanner Glass will immediately improve the character of the room. He will bring a huge amount of physicality to the the lineup which is lacking. Plus, the Rangers can boost his value and have a better chance of moving him at the deadline for a late round pick if he plays.

Regardless, even if he only dresses against teams like Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the Islanders it’s a good move. The Rangers are just too one dimensional and are largely considered “soft” around the NHL. Adding Glass, simply changes that perception even if he doesn’t play regularly.
I think the Rangers should do it.
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  • Stop the nonsense please. No toughness because they didn’t start a line brawl or some such? Ridiculous. This is 2016. Different era thankfully. Calling for blood is so, what, 1970s, 1980s. The game is going to start appealing to more people when this bloodlust call for fighting and this macho “standing up for your teammate” becomes a thing of the past. Nash went to Eakins and thankfully didn’t lose his head and cross the line and get a penalty. All this talk that the Rangers aren’t tough enough is a bunch of crap and bringing up Glass would be a huge mistake.

    • yeah, well we shall see how these softies respond in a playoff series when some team decides to take the body on every shift.that will be their downfall. ”standing up for your teammate becomes a thing of the past”. that’s possibly the dumbest statement i’ve ever heard. perhaps you should limit your sports watching to curling or table tennis, because you are absolutely clueless.

  • This should be about the team standing up for each other not bringing in a no talent player like Glass to act as a policemen. After watching the replay Skjei should have gone right to Eakin and let him know that he can’t do that to his goalie. This is more about team toughness. A.V. or the Captain need to call a team meeting to discuss this and let every player on the team know that this kid of play from other teams will not be tolerated without repercussion.

    • Skjei was wearing full face protection for his stitches and would have been ejected immediately and possibly faced further suspension from the league. Skjei was the only Ranger on the ice with a legit argument not to engage

  • Teammates must stick up for each other , especially when an opposing player intentionally injures a teammate. Confronting Cody Eakins was essential …. whether it’s Tanner Glass or an assortment of current Rangers including Holden, Klein, and / or Kreider , who have all stepped up confronting opposing players this year. If it’s agreed to be Glass , I’d suggest they limit his playing time to those teams , who have shown a propensity to fight or play very “chippy” hockey ( i.e. Philly, Devils, Islanders , Bruins , Washington )

  • As a fan of 60 years, I am appalled at the pussies on this team!!! Do any of these pansies deserve to wear ANY NHL jersey, especially a NY Ranger jersey)?
    What an absolute disgrace they are to the NY Ranger franchise!
    If these players have been ORDERED not to aid their teammates by
    management, whoever it was should be dumped , NOW!!!
    I wouldn’t have believed I would see the day that not ONE teammate would stand up for his teammate! I have Lost all respect for the entire organization, from top to bottom’

    • I agree 110% this is not what team mates do it is a disgrace.

    • James, remember the beating Schultz laid on Dale Rolfe?
      Had what happened to Hank happened to any other goal tender in the league, there would have been an instant response.
      AV sure has his team.

  • As someone in previous years supported Glass in the lineup because others werent ready, putting him in now would be a mistake. Having a tough guy on the roster doesnt do anything. Did Gudas say I better not drill Vesey from behind cause Mcilrath is on the ice, nope. Ill give plenty of other examples if youd like.

    Obviously no fighter was on the rink as they were on the pp already. What would everyone be saying if Nash, Vesey, or Skjei went after Eakin and in going down to the ice broke their leg like Taylor Hall. What if they landed a punch on the helmet and broke their hand like Max Domi (who obviously was trained how to fight by his father), who is currently out indefinetly after hand surgery.

    Unless, your enforcer is going to break “the code” and attack the other teams best player no message is really sent. You think Avery’s attitude would have changed if Cam Janson went after Hank after he had been barking at Hank from the bench. I absolutely think so, but most times players wont break “the code”. Instead next shift they get they fight the other teams enforcer. To me that solves nothing.

    My answer sounds like the response of beat them on the scoreboard that is the best response, but that is not my response. Send a message to the entire league that you will not stand for this. As soon as Hank returned to the net and he should have layed a Hextall/Smith type of slash to Jamie Benn or Tyler Seguin. Personally, I think every player is well aware that Carey Price is not afraid to lay the blocker to your ribs/face. Im sure players know Phil Kessel is not afraid to try and take your leg off like he did to John Scott.

  • It’s just a shame McIlrath couldn’t get his shit together to remain a Ranger…. Yes, he wasn’t fitting into the team AV’s was putting together and to lose him on waivers for FREE would have been stupid. But remember this… 2015-2016 he played in 34 games with 2 goal, 2 assists was +7(believe it or not) but most importantly he had 64 minutes in Penalties with at least 60% of those minutes was standing up for his team..It was sickening hearing Ron Duguay say his entire line would have reacted by pairing up and dropping their gloves…. Freakin “Ron Duguay” … I don’t really care if you say it’s 2016, I’ve been going to the garden since 1972 and not one team in the NHL would have let that bullshit happen to their FRANCHISE goaltender. Sorry fella’s, wake up this is ICE Hockey not Field Hockey

  • Absolutely, the Rangers should bring Tanner Glass back up. It was a huge mistake sending him down.

  • Winning is enough of a message sent

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