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The Rangers, Hockey and What it All Means to Me and You



As long as I’ve been a Rangers fan there have been a few things I’ve noticed. One is that the unity that people show around this team is something to be admired. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what your beliefs are, once we all step into the Garden or flip our screens on we all become a part of Ranger nation. We all become united in Blue. Read more

Advanced stats are sucking the life out of enjoying this Rangers team

"What do you mean my stats are fancy?"

“What do you mean my stats are fancy?”

The NY Rangers are 17-8-1 with 35 points and tied with the Chicago Blackhawks for 1st overall in the NHL. Furthermore, the Blueshirts are 1st in Goals For with 95, 5th on the PP (22.7%), and 8th on the PK (85.1%). The one number that isn’t so hot is they are middle of the pack in goals against at 14 (64 GA). Every fan of the Rangers should be over the moon, but thanks to advanced stats, some are not. Sadly, these fans are usually the most vocal. Read more

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