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FullTilt Legends: John Davidson


American culture is quick with the catch phrase and American sports are no different. Phil Rizzuto had his signature “Holy Cow!”, Mel Allen had “How about that?!”, Michael Kay has “See ya!” and John Sterling has “TTTTHHHHEEEE YANKEEEESSSSSS WINNNNNN!”. Even the Rangers had their own with Bill Chadwick screaming, “Shoot the puck Barry! Shoot the Puck!” Read more

FullTilt Legends: Ron Duguay

duguay 1Quick! When you think of Ron Duguay what do you think of? The long curly hair? Played without a helmet? Pretty boy? Loud shirts? Studio 54? Well you would be right for the most part. But when you hear the name Ron Duguay you should also think of one heck of a hockey player; 40 goal scorer; charitable person; hockey analyst and more. Let’s take a look at the remarkable career and story of Rangers legend Ron Duguay. Read more

Kevin Klein – The Unsung Hero on Defense

Kevin Klein (NYR)

Kevin Klein (NYR)

This time a year ago the Rangers boasted 2 solid defensive pairs and a third that could cause excitement one night and agita the next. The first 2 pairings were solidified by Dan Girardi / Ryan McDonagh and Marc Staal / Anton Stralman on the back end, the third pairing of John Moore / Michael Del Zotto was a big drop-off and left a lot to be desired. Read more

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