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Potential outcomes as New York Rangers and Mika Zibanejad have their day in court

Zibanejad (USATSI)

The title is a joke, the two sides are not going to “court” per say. Nobody is seeking damages or a conviction, but the aftermath of a team and it’s player actually making it in front of an arbitrator and having that arbitrator decide the player’s contract doesn’t always leave the nicest of tastes in the player and team’s mouth walking away. Read more

Is 2017 the year that corsi finally died?

The Godfather of Corsi: Jim Corsi (Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images)

Shot attempts! Those two words have dominated hockey for the last several years. Not shots on goal, not quality scoring chances… shot attempts. It doesn’t matter if you shoot the puck 6 feet wide, or have shots repeatedly blocked. No consideration is taken into how harmless the shot is, because it will all sort itself out over time. Read more

What will head coach Keith McCambridge bring to the Wolf Pack?

McCambridge (AHL)

Keith McCambridge will begin his tenure as Hartford Wolf Pack head coach on October 6th at home against the Charlotte Checkers. The Wolf Pack will be looking to bounce back after a dismal 2016-17 season. The returning players, Adam Tambellini, Robin Kovacs, and John Gilmour to name a few, will want the opportunity for growth after struggling last season. Keith McCambridge’s role will be to develop future New York Rangers players and prospects and help get each individual to reach his full potential.

Read more

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